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Dividend investing is intentionally including the concept that a company actively considers the dividend as part of their annual bills or responsibilities.  Some dividend investors looking for consistency while others are looking for growth.  Personally, I prefer companies who have increased their dividend over multiple economic conditions.

Turning Back on my Dividend Reinvestments

Earlier this year, I declared that I was finished with automatic dividend reinvestments, but I am here to admit, for me, that was a mistake. My very logical thought process was that if I wouldn't deploy new capital into stocks that do not pass my screen for undervalued dividend investments why let paid dividends buy "overvalued" shares regardless of how small the amount.  When making the decision in March I stated the one very foreseeable risk would be, to remember that the reinvestment of dividends is not part of my monthly contributions to the account.  If I am putting away $500 a [...]

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Attempting to Increase International Exposure – Consistent Dividend Payers

Every month I take the time to screen stocks for a purchase that month.  I have published my screening results for the past few years.  The very first test is whether they the company has maintained and increased their dividend for at least 20 years.  This is not an easy feat; of the 15,000+ publicly traded companies (including the major markets and OTC) in the US there are only 150 or so that meet this requirement.  There are a few reasons why I a number of reasons why this test is important to me but among them they include: Eventually, I would like to [...]

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Should One Calculate Projected Forward 12 Month Dividends?

I saw a post by a blogger named Write2Reality who wrote about calculating/projecting his forward 12 month dividends that got me thinking whether this is useful data for most.  Despite not agreeing with W2R I would recommend checking out his blog; an engaging blogger with great content (a rarity today). Is Calculating a Projected Forward 12 Month Dividend Useful? Unlike when I took a look at history of my dividend income, my gut reaction is that projecting a portfolio's forward dividend is not useful for those still in the accumulation phase, as opposed to those actually living off their dividends.  Why? If you [...]

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Tracking My Dividend Income over the Last Few Years

The other day I realized that despite coming back month in and month out for the past few years to update my dividend income watch list I have never tracked (either on my site or personally) my dividend income and as important dividend income growth.  Luckily, fidelity has kept some of that information for me: I mentioned a few months ago I was pretty disillusioned and disappointed with the amount of dividend income per year I was receiving despite the fact that it grew 50% percent from 2012 to 2014. Notwithstanding the slow, slow process this chart makes me feel a lot better. Dividend [...]

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My Dividend Stream is Growing but is Still So Unexciting

Unless I receive any additional dividend payments in the next 13 days, my dividend income has increased 50+%! But I am pretty bummed about it.  How could that be possible? The problem is that the whole number is still damn unexciting.  In 2012 my (very distant) perpetual income machine provided $458.18 in dividends for the year while in 2013 that number increased to $760.44.   Enough for 2 dinners at a fancy steak house is not what dreams are made of. My Current Holdings and Yield on Cost I have never tried to calculate my yield on cost until this post.  Yield on [...]

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