Investing in an actual business is much different than investing in real estate or stocks of a larger public company.  Much of the wealth that citizens hold is built upon owning a small to medium size business. The size of the business is all relative to the location and genre of types of business you are involved in.  Regardless of the size, running a business takes time, effort and a skill that not all people have.

Sweeping changes — 5 tip to Declutter your Brain and Business

When technology moves at breakneck speed and the cult of busyness convinces us we won’t succeed unless we’re switched on 24/7, it’s easy to feel tired and tangled. And sometimes, routines become so ingrained that we automatically accept that they’re set in stone. But if you’re yearning for simplicity and serenity, there is hope. Recharge your batteries and revive your enthusiasm with five sweeping changes to declutter your brain and business. KonMari There’s no doubt that physically tidying your work or living space can quickly make you feel more calm and organised — as well as a whole lot more hygienic. But [...]

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Business and pleasure Down Under — 3 top networking events

From the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney Opera House and Uluru, Australia’s blessed with an embarrassment of natural and cultural riches. So whether you’re a born and raised Aussie or just visiting for a while, it’s a pleasant territory to travel around. But it’s also a great place for commerce and entrepreneurship, with lots of eclectic opportunities to make connections. If you’re interested in business and pleasure Down Under, here are three top networking events. Top 3 Net working and Social Events in Australia Electronic Music Conference, Sydney Iconic landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and boho neighbourhoods like The Rocks mean [...]

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How Mr Green Has Thrived as a Publicly Traded Company

In 2013, six years after the company was founded, an online bookmaker, Mr Green, announced it was going to become a publicly traded entity as part of the Mr Green & Co AB Group, on the Nasdaq Stockholm main list. Mr Green was one of a new group of online sportsbook and casino operators making strong headway in the online gaming industry. It wasn’t an established offline brand like William Hill, nor was it one of the ‘early bird’ casino operators that popped in the early nineties. It was therefore at a considerable disadvantage when it launched from Sweden in 2008 by entrepreneurs Henrik Bergquist, Mikael Pawlo [...]

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What is a Buy-Sell Agreement and Why Should Business Owners Care?

I always find it fascinating how many business owners do not even consider a buy-sell agreement when operating their business.  What's worse, in my opinion, is how many professional advisors (whether that is a financial advisor, accountant or attorney) completely fail to bring up the subject of a buy-sell agreements to their business owner clients. What is a Buy-Sell Agreement? A buy-sell agreement is a written contract between two individuals (more often than not it is two business owners) that provide for a certain outcome as it relates to a business or businesses if a condition precedent happens.  The easiest example is [...]

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The Best and Worst Attributes About MLMs

I have this buddy who is deep into the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) world.   It feels like he keeps bouncing from the next big thing to the thing that is going to make the "next big thing" look horrible and scammy.  He has attempted to recruit me to a few of these ventures and much to the surprise of no one, but him, I have always rejected.  Every time, he contacts me about the next amazing opportunity I always have two thoughts about the very nature of MLMs and they are what makes the opportunity amazing for some and horrid to me at [...]

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