Investing is broad, but necessary, category in a person’s personal finance world.  Leaving your savings in just cash never made much sense nevertheless at today’s rates.  Investing is often thought about in terms of buying stocks, but it is more than that, you could invest in an insurance based product, real estate, a business, yourself, etc.

Learned a Trading Lesson the Hard Way

I learned a trading lesson that I thought I was better than.  Two caveats before I work through what happened in an effort not to make the same mistake twice: We are not talking about a lot of money actually lost.  This isn't a four or five digit mistake.  Just a few hundred dollars of gains that were lost; and We are talking about pure trading/speculation.  The moves I made/didn't make should not be considered long term investing.  This was basically betting without the sports. Normally I would just move on from this type misstep but I feel like I should be accountable to [...]

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My Rental Real Estate Plan

There are two huge benefits of this blog (actually the two reasons that keep me coming back and I haven't sold the site for good).  The first is that I can think through an issue while I write it out.  Sometimes that just leads to a garbled mess and other times it allows for clarity to present itself.  The second is that I get to read my mindset years and years later.  For example, it is always funny to me when I look back and review my first thoughts on starting an investment club (which is still active by the way), and [...]

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Get a business competitive edge with pallet racking

Competitive intelligence is necessary for beating the competition and always serving the customers right. Businesses have cut throat competiton no matter which industry you are in. If you have seamless inventory control – you can always ensure customer satisfaction and manage your stocks without any trouble. Pallet racking is a form of racking solutions which helps you retain inventory which is kept in separate shelves. Let’s see if pallet racking can turn into a competitive advantage in today’s era. Greater space use The real game changer is how you use your existing storage space and are there any loop holes or empty [...]

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Small Business Financing

When you have an idea for a business or a dream of starting something on your own, a major hurdle can be funding. Some businesses may have large startup costs while others may not require much to begin or function, but it’s a reality that not everyone has the access to funds to live out their dream. Fortunately, there are options to consumers for small business financing that can help. Get a bank loan The most common way of financing is getting a loan through a bank or lender. You can either go to a brick and mortar bank or even borrow [...]

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Undervalued Dividend Watch List – July 2019

It's going to be interesting to me to look back in a year or two at some of these posts because it feels like the market is either about to shoot up some more with a strong base underneath it which was tested in December 2018, or this could all come crumbling down quickly! Regardless, I march onward searching for possibly undervalued stocks that have increased their dividend for at least 20 years.  Every month I screen for undervalued dividend growth stocks and buy a lot (as defined by me as $500) or two.  My goal is that one day I can turn off [...]

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