Insurance is shifting the risk to someone or something that is more likely to be able to handle the catastrophic event.  People often insure their life through life insurance, their income through disability insurance, their business through business overhead insurance, etc.

Preventing Unnecessary Risks – 3 Ways to Protect Your Company from Loss

Running or managing a business has a multitude of risks associated with it. Whether you're the founder or an employee, every business decision we make must be taken seriously to avoid unnecessary loss. In business, it's impossible to completely do away with risk, but there are ways to protect yourself, your business, and your employees. Protect Yourself This is more important for those who own their own business. While it may feel at times as though you and your business are one entity, legally and financially speaking, you are not. It is imperative that you have separate lines of credit for you [...]

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Different Types Of Insurance & Why You Should Choose Them

Insurance is a big industry, providing people much needed protection against paying out thousands or more if accidents or other incidents were to occur. In some cases, people end up taking out a payday loan because they don’t have insurance and an accident has left them in a financial mess. However, loans should only be taken out in a financial emergency and insurance can act as a solution to avoid having to opt for this. With the current insurance market offering an abundance of different types, it can be difficult to know which one you should opt for using and what they [...]

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5 Signs You’re Giving Money To A Bad Auto Insurance Company

With all the money and business in the auto insurance industry, you would think stellar customer service and clear terms and rates would be industry standard, but this isn’t the case. The fact is, many businesses are looking to nickel and dime you, and some aren’t even very nice about how they go about it. Plenty of people are mistreated and ripped off by their insurance providers. Instead of putting up with this sort of business behavior, put your foot down and take your business elsewhere. You wouldn’t want to be another person on the long list of auto insurance horror stories. [...]

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Travel Insurance Coverage

When making your travel plans, it can be overwhelming to think about the money being spent on the experience. Often times people opt out of travel insurance for this reason. Travel insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, Basically, it covers you for certain mishaps that could occur while traveling. Different plans offer different coverage and should be researched to make sure you are getting what makes sense to you and your family. Below we explore the different types of coverage that can be included in a [...]

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Do you Own a Small Business? You better have these Five Types of Insurance

Many people who are on their journey to millions own or operate small businesses. Some may be a part of a small business as an investor, other people may own and operate a small business as their main source of income. No matter how you are involved with a small business, there are certain insurance policies you must have to properly protect your business. Here are five types of insurance all small businesses should strongly consider. General Liability Insurance General Liability Insurance protects your business from many of the liability you face to third parties who come in contact with your business. [...]

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