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Guest posts are an interesting way for a blogger to have his or her readers see another voice or hear about a topic that the blogger doesn’t know how to cover in their own words. Guest Posts should be about a similar topic to what is included on the original blog which is the case of My Journey to Millions is estate planning, financial planning, insurance topics and all sorts of investment options.

How to Stay Safe when Shopping Online

Online shopping has been a godsend for most people who don't like going to the local store. The only problem here is safety: how safe are you from hackers and cyber thieves looking to steal your banking details? Online threats are on the rise and getting more sophisticated each day. If you rely heavily on the internet for products and services, you need to make sure your system is secure and that you carefully monitor your online habits. Safety is a Mindset Your best defense against cybercrime is to remain vigilant. You have to think of online safety all the time until [...]

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