Debt is a four letter word that almost every person has had to deal with since the beginning of written time and history.  Debt was talked about in the bible, by Shakespeare, and by tens of thousands of other authors since.  The posts found in this category have to deal with either my personal relationship with debt, or the idea in general.

How to Stop Collection Calls from Running Your Life

Generally, the sound of your landline ringing or the sight of your cell phone lighting up would be a neutral, or even positive, experience. After all, you have this technology in the first place to keep in touch with the world. But when debt collectors are hounding you, these simple occurrences can send a chill of anxiety down your spine. Or, they spawn annoyance—especially if they reach the incessant level.  So, how can consumers stop collection calls from running their lives? The solution is two-fold: Know how to deal with collectors in the moment and proactively address your debt so you can [...]

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What is the Debt Snowball and Creating a Spreadsheet to Implement It

When I first started this blog, it's main goal was to keep me accountable especially with regards to erasing the debt that had crept into my life.  I felt the blog would keep me accountable while I shared my monthly updates of debt reduction.  Fast forward a few years and debt eradication just isn't a huge part of my life anymore (thankfully).  Notwithstanding, I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker and it inspired me to revisit the idea of a debt snowball as a way to pay down debt. Steps Needed Before You Build Your Debt Repayment Plan This may seem obvious to [...]

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Here are Four Practical Ways to Reduce Your Debt Burden

Many people in the USA still suffering from bad credit because of their bad management of debt they owe. Most of them are careless because of their habits of the past of not paying the credit card or other daily expense’s bills on time.  It makes them pretty less eligible for any future lending either from local banks or other online sources available in their state.  Their credit affects their worthiness and so their eligibility to pay previous debt on time and that make them fall into debt trap paying interest over interest. Interestingly, it takes a great degree of determination and [...]

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Calculating Micro Prepayments on my Mortgage

For the past few years, I have rounded up my mortgage payment to the nearest $100.  It isn't a ton of money, and to be honest I don't even give it much thought.  Normally I just throw away the statement without even opening it, and then last week for whatever reason I actually opened it.  I saw the remaining balance and I began to actually think about those few extra dollars.  Not because it is a lot, but rather, on a level of curiosity.  Am I really saving that much interest? Did it really change my amortization table?  Should I continue to [...]

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5 Surefire Ways You Can Better Manage Your Debt, Today

Accumulating debt can put enormous strain on you and your family. The bills are piling up, and you cannot afford to pay a dime. Even if you don’t realize the real problem, or you don’t foresee the rainy days, you need to take action now and begin to actively manage your debt.  Best to do it now before your debt accumulates to the point of declaring bankruptcy. Here are some useful tips on how you can better manage your debt, today. Set priorities Your debt may comprise of mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, and so on. Make sure to set priorities on what [...]

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