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A blog carnival is, “A Blog Carnival is a list of reader-submitted posts all on one theme. Sometimes a blogger will host the carnival on their own blog each time the carnival runs, other times the carnival will move from blog to blog and be hosted by another person each time.”  When I first started blogging I would participate in these blog carnivals as a way to meet and interact with like minded personal finance bloggers.



Carnival of Money Pros

The Carnival of Money Pros are submissions by fellow personal finance bloggers that generally talk about the pros of money.    If you don't see your post and you submitted I am sorry for not including it, but I don't believe it met the nature of the Carnival. This Week's Carnival of Money Pros In no Particular Order: Kraig @ Young, Cheap Living writes 10 Personal Finance Tips for Young Adults - As he gets another year closer to turning 30, Kraig examines what he's learned about personal finance in his twenties and shares 10 tips on personal finance that he's learned so far. [...]

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Festival of Frugality 291th Edition

I am happy to be hosting this week’s Festival of Frugality, a Blog Carnival.  A blog carnival is a round up of blog posts across the many different sites with a common theme.  The Festival of Frugality tries, to spotlight the excellent ideas that are floating around out there to help squeeze a few extra pennies, nickels, dimes, or quarters out of every dollar Frugal Food Melissa presents How We Plan to Buy Organic Produce on a Budget posted at Mom's Plans.   Melissa says I plan to have the organic produce delivered to our home 3 weeks of the month. During those [...]

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The Best of Money Carnival 103rd Edition

The Best of Money carnival is different than every other personal finance carnival in that it limits the amount of those bloggers that can be featured.  Thus in ensures that each article is going to be fantastic!  This past week I received and read way over 60 entries.   Considering some of the bloggers that participate in this carnival it was tough narrowing down the field to a select 10 posts! Just because I don’t agree with the post doesn't mean it isn't well written and interesting! The 103rd Edition of the Best of Money Carnival The 10th Best Article Michael presents Avoid [...]

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My Journey to Millions Around the Web

I have been picked up as a contributing blogger at Money Crashers.  My First post describing how to easily calculate The Federal Estate Tax went live a couple days ago.  I also wanted to highlight some of the carnivals I was featured in this past week: My Post describing my theory that Money Does Buy Happiness was a top 10 pick at the Best of Money Carnival this Week (#5!) The Carnival of Personal Finance picked up a guest post on my site which provides 5 basic and necessary personal finance tips. My post asking whether Your Work Hours Were Optimal for you to make money [...]

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Carnival of Money Stories 2 #57

I love hosting Blog Carnivals because it forces me to read a ton of different posts and some are amazing.  This week I am hosting the 57th Edition of Carnival of Money Stories 2.  There were about 40 entries, but don’t worry I cut them down to 20 or so GREAT posts. What is the Carnival of Money Stories 2? The Carnival of Money Stories feature posts that are, The article should be a personal money story or experience. So lets get to reading! Joe Plemon presents How We Vacation For $500 posted at Personal Finance By The Book.  Joe goes through [...]

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