My Journey to Millions is an 8 year old personal finance blog.  Part of running a personal finance blog is understanding how to blog and interact with other bloggers.  The posts found in this category have to do with blogging and the nuts and bolts of blogging.  Not all posts within this category have to do with personal finances.

How I Make Money Blogging

I have shared a lot of my financial details on this site including my investment strategies, my growing net worth and even a secret business I want to open up, but I have never discussed how this blog operates as a business.  Until today.  I have no real interest in running the type of blog that really “teaches” how to blog I wouldn’t find it interesting enough to keep it up; The Financial Blogger does a 1000x better job than I ever could (he also makes a lot more than I do and clears a good amount more). First and foremost, I [...]

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I Can’t Believe I have Been Blogging for 4 Years

On August 5th of 2008 I put up my first post.  I had no idea if anyone would read about my journey, nevertheless care about what was going on in my life, but I wanted to share my thoughts with whoever wanted to read them.  Since putting that first post up I have seen somewhere between 570,000 and 630,000 pageviews (analytics vs sitemeter) and while that is probably a day’s worth of views for a news site I am pretty happy with it, especially since most of the first year or so I was getting under 15 page views a day. I [...]

7 Links–My Journey to Millions

I have never participated in a Blog meme but when Glen from Free From Broke called me out, how do I not rise to the occasion? I am supposed to pick out: Your most beautiful post Your most popular post Your most controversial post Your most helpful post A post whose success surprised you A post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved The post that you are most proud of In the past 3 years of blogging I have over 575 posts (granted some are guest posts) but that gives me a lot to choose from.  I hope you enjoy [...]

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Happy Memorial Day 2011

Thank you to all those who have served our Country to promote our freedom.  According to the VA, Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service.  In observance of the holiday, many people visit cemeteries and memorials, and volunteers often place American flags on each grave site at national cemeteries.  A national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time. Some Carnivals/Links Some of my posts were either linked to or featured in carnivals My post about the Misunderstanding that a lot of Investors make [...]

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Weekly Links – Easter Edition 2011

Every Sunday I take a moment to thank those bloggers who linked to me because they really liked my article or found it good enough to highlight it in a blog carnival: GreenPandaTreehouse and TheFinancialBlogger both liked my post on the Portability of Credit Shelter Amount LazyManandMoney liked my post about my First Experience with being an Entrepuenr Neal from Wealth Pilgrim Included my post in the Festival of Frugality! Glen from FreeFromBroke liked an older post of mine about What you Should Think about  Before Meeting an Attorney Little House in the Valley included my post in the Yakezie Challenge Carnival [...]

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