I never understand why money magazine, cnbc, fortune, etc., do not call out so-called experts when their stock picks are completely off.  I think it would be both entertaining and educational.  So when I came across an old Fortune Magazine today and saw the article, 10 Best Stocks for 2011, I wanted to see how the so-called best picks were doing 4 months into the new year.

Fortune provides a reasoning for each stock, but I think that is less important for the post rather than just pure returns, however, as a group Fortune mentions,

Our selections this year are slanted toward commodities…protection against a falling dollar…some contrarian selections, including one house-related stock

Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 Stock Picks


  • YTD Is up 1.05%


  • YTD is up 6.82%

Dow Chemical

  • YTD is up 11.04%

East West Bankcorp

  • YTD is up 14.02%

Entropic Communications

  • YTD down 33%
  • To be (kind of) fair the article mentioned this pick as a boom or bust…


  • YTD down 2.35%


  • YTD is up 5.25%

Royal Caribbean Cruises

  • YTD down 13.13%

Royal Dutch Shell

  • YTD is up 9.79%


  • YTD is up 13.39%

If you were to invest $100 in each of the 10 stocks your portfolio would have been up $12 or 1.2% (not counting fees).  Not a great return considering the S&P is up over 6%.

I am not sure 4 months is a fair representation but I will absolutely come back to this post in a couple months to see how the “experts” are doing.