Carnival of Personal Finance – Financial Armageddon Edition

by Evan

My post titled, “Nursing Home Expenses are Deductible” was chosen for this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, Financial Armageddon Edition, found at Master Your Card.  Here are some choice articles:

  • Destroy Debt explains the Difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  Great introduction for those that want tax info made simple.
  • Financial Wellness Program quickly goes over his – 5 things she/he wants to do when she/he is debt free HERE.  I would have liked some more detail but it has me thinking!
  • The Wisdom Journal discusses the return of layaway.  With the ease of online banking and high yield savings accounts, why do layaway when you can save on your own and not incur fees?

The whole carnival is great! Take a look.  Thanks again Master your Card.

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