Carnival of Personal Finance #170

by Evan

My Article comparing the CDs vs. High yield savings account found (here) was chosen to be apart of the Carnival of Personal Finance #170 found (here).  The Personal Financier went above and beyond highlighting way over 40 or so blog entries for this Carnival.

Here are a few that, in my humble opinion are a must read,

  1. Value for Your Life highlights his 3 biggest mistakes – here.  Compared to some other PF Bloggers his mistakes aren’t HUGE, but lesson learned.
  2. Five Cent provides a forum as to Whether it is un-American to ask for a discount – here.  I HATE asking for a discount, but I love negotiating…weird.  Regardless, I always can depend on the Wife to get every last discount.
  3. A fellow new blogger, who is GREAT, Tough Money Love attempts to argues local banking – here.  Read the comments you’ll see while I appreciate his contentions I just can’t agree.

Just simply an amazing carnival that could provide hours of reading and commenting.  Great job!

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