Carnival of Money Stories 2 #23

by Evan

I take hosting a Carnival seriously;  I take it seriously because I hate reading other Carnivals that fail to keep the essence of the Carnival by allowing every single entry, regardless of applicability.   The Carnival of Money Stories’ mission is simple:

A weekly blog carnival where individuals share their stories/experiences with money

I have read every single entry and have  edited out all those inapplicable posts – so if you don’t see your post, I apologize, but it probably wasn’t a story.

Editor’s Choice for Carnival of Money Stories 2

There were some entries that were outstanding and should be recognized as such – THAT MEANS YOU SHOULD MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM!

  • J Money from Budgets are Sexy discusses how he even messes up when it comes to Personal Finances.  I think he is a little hard on himself and from the 20 or so commenters already, I don’t think I am alone.
  • Mrs. Accountability from Out of Debt Again, offers a story about her family and money.  Its a great honest tale about her family.
  • JD From Get Rich Slowly applies his recent massive accomplishment of Running a Marathon to Personal Finance.  Congrats on finishing that run, wow!
  • Baker from Man vs. Debt poses the question Would You Rather Be Fat or Have Debt?  It is an in-depth look into a blogger who really does seem to conquered a lot!
  • PT Money discusses his recent Purchase of Life Insurance.  I loved this post so much you’ll probably see a few posts from me!
  • Sara from WiseBread, who is 6 months along, shares How to Save on Baby Stuff!
  • SVB From DigeratiLife shares her tips on Saving Money for Work At Home Moms – This gal has experience, and you better believe I am forwarding this one to the Wife.

Other Great Entries for Carnival of Money Stories 2

Carrie from SpendOnLife offers her experiences How Automatic Payments hurt her Bottom Line.

Free Money Finance shares What Makes him Care about Money.

A new blogger talks about how she is broke over at Cherry Gum Drop in a post titled, Get Me Valium Intro to my Life

Jeff Rose talks about a client of his purchasing Return of Premium Rider on a Term Policy – I actually would have looked into something a little different, but it is a great introduction using a real life example.

MoneyBlueBook goes over his Money Situation IN DETAIL! Take a look into his cash flow, house purchase, and investments! A Great Read

Jessica at Debt Kid goes through her Hatred for Zero Based Budgeting. I completely understand her fear and would never be able to live like that – Check out her post to understand what I am talking about.

M is for Money talks about her Problems with Wedding Planning

BuckSomeBoomer shares his money story of Deferring Maintenance

Money and Such discusses his Options Regarding an Unexpected Bonus

Suns Financial Diary Poses the question Is Credit Karma useful? An interesting story about whether the free credit check system is accurate and useful?

Despite Deleting A LOT of Entries, there were Some Posts that absolutely DO NOT fit the Carnival, but Shouldn’t be Ignored:

Gold Silver Weak Dollar ETF

Why and How to Avoid Probate Fees

Find Affordable Self Employed Health Insurance

List of Penalty Free CD Rates

Basics of Stock Market Investing

Saving Money on Weight Loss Drinks

Should you Rollover a 401(k) into an IRA?

Importance of Gratitude

Thank you all for checking submitting articles! Hope you enjoy the Carnival and all the Great Stories that Make it up.

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J. Money October 15, 2009 - 1:47 pm

Thanks so much for the editor’s pick! Great group of bloggers & posts here 🙂

Bucksome October 15, 2009 - 8:42 pm

Thank you for hosting and including my article.

Mrs. Accountability October 15, 2009 - 10:33 pm

Thank you for including my post as an editor’s pick!

Patrick October 16, 2009 - 6:54 am

Thanks for including my article, even though it may have missed the criteria a little bit. It was a situation I recently ran into, but I guess I didn’t write about it from a personal perspective! 🙂


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