Carnival of Money Hacks 48th Edition – Presidential Election Edition

//Carnival of Money Hacks 48th Edition – Presidential Election Edition

Carnival of Money Hacks 48th Edition – Presidential Election Edition

My ridiculous story about gambling in Dominican Republic whose life lesson was – do not invest in vehicles you don’t understand – was chosen by Pimp Your Finances to be part of the Carnival of Money Hacks 48th Edition.  Few other great articles include:

  • Passive Family Income discusses whether the rules of retirement are changing?  It is a thought provoking article, but I don’t think the rules, per se, are changing but rather people’s unrealistic expectations are proving to be unrealistic.
  • J. Money at Budgets are Sexy discusses whether Pet Insurance is Worth it?  I didn’t comment (for once lol) but like any insurance it is the peace of mind that you are deciding upon.  I know a chance to avoid a possible $3,500 vet bill for $20 bucks a month is worth it for me.
  • Five Cent at FiveCentNickel provides an often missed question when asking whether to Refi.  Specifically, he points out that in addition to determining the payback period you have to figure out the cost left on the loan.

There are a bunch of other GREAT articles so check out the carnival.

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