Carnival of Money Stories 2 #57

by Evan

carnival I love hosting Blog Carnivals because it forces me to read a ton of different posts and some are amazing.  This week I am hosting the 57th Edition of Carnival of Money Stories 2.  There were about 40 entries, but don’t worry I cut them down to 20 or so GREAT posts.

What is the Carnival of Money Stories 2?

The Carnival of Money Stories feature posts that are,

The article should be a personal money story or experience.

So lets get to reading!

Joe Plemon presents How We Vacation For $500 posted at Personal Finance By The Book.  Joe goes through how he and his family vacationed for $500.

J. Money presents I’m Baaaaaaaaaaack! posted at Budgets Are Sexy.  J. talks about some of the prices he had to deal with while on his trip in Europe.

Super Saver presents Where We Haven’t Cut Back posted at My Wealth Builder.  My Wealth Builder goes through those categories he refuses to cut back regardless of the recession.

Squirrelers presents Squirreling Gone Wild #8 – Doubling Down posted at Squirrelers.

PT presents Do Your Kids Understand the Dangers Involved with Credit Card Use? posted at PT Money. PT runs through his experience with credit cards during college.

Donna Freedman presents My first laptop, finally. posted at Surviving and Thriving.  Donna discusses her experiences purchasing her first laptop.

Single Guy Money presents If I Won the Lottery… posted at Single Guy Money.  Single Guy goes over what he would do if he won some serious cash.

Bucksome presents Dental Care Makes a Difference posted at Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement.  Bucksome’s family  had different experiences with their teeth just because of of insurance

Revanche presents Fun times at the Refund Corral posted at A Gai Shan Life.  Follow Revanche’s battle to get her money back!

Kristina presents Credit Is My Frenemy posted at DINKS Finance.  Kristina talks about her relationship with credit.

Jackie presents Straying from the Path of Intention to Impulse posted at MoneyCrush. Jackie’s trip to a supermarket turns into spending 7 times the amount!  Stay focused.

Madison DuPaix presents Our Ooma Phone Six Months Later posted at My Dollar Plan.  Madison goes over her Ooma phone system.

Austin Morgan presents How to Negotiate Overdraft Fees posted at Foreigner’s Finances.  Use Austin’s story and experience to save on your next overdraft fee

Lance presents What to Do When You Lose Your Wallet posted at Leave Debt Behind.

Emily Starbuck Gerson presents UNFCU to launch first U.S. chip-and-PIN credit card posted at Taking Charge.

FMF presents A Couple Money Stories that Surprised Me posted at Free Money Finance. Despite thinking he has seen everything, FMF encountered two ridiculous stories about money.

CPF presents The Life Of Moses posted at Christian Personal Finance.  Bob over at Christian Personal Finance talks about the story of Moses

Frugal Dad presents Counting Your Blessings Leads to Contentment posted at Frugal Dad.  Frugal Dad reminds us that we have to remember to be thankful for what we have.

Jeff Rose, CFP presents How To Take Control of Your Finances The Manly Way posted at Jeff Rose. Jeff goes over a story of one man who took control and paid off $6,000 in debt within 7 months.

Not applicable but too Good to Pass Up

There were a few posts that didn’t really fit the carnival but were good.

Big Cajun Man presents Self Insured Company Disability Plans posted at Canadian Personal Finance Blog. Big Cajun talks about the problems with self insured disability plans

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Personal Finance Math – The Relative Cost of Things posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

Financial Uproar presents Is Sports Gambling Any Better Than Stock Market Investing? posted at Financial Uproar.

Wren Caulfield presents Decorating/Gardening on the Cheap: Pineapple Top into Interesting Houseplant posted at True Adventures in Money Hacking.

The Happy Rock presents Plugging the Holes in Your Budget posted at The Happy Rock.

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