Can Cisco Certifications Take Your Career or Business to the next Level?

//Can Cisco Certifications Take Your Career or Business to the next Level?

Can Cisco Certifications Take Your Career or Business to the next Level?

Networking and the Modern World

Networking is now an everyday part of life for billions. As I open my smartphone, many of the apps are dedicated to bringing people and technology together; the prevalence of this technology shows the extent to which the networking industry is growing. However, people working in – or aspiring to work within – networking are faced with an extremely competitive job market; employers are on the lookout for those with the most relevant skills and up-to-date, industry-recognised qualifications. In the modern world of computing, more is needed from candidates to demonstrate their ability and understanding of modern networking. So how can you get your CV to the top of the pile and further advance your career?

Introducing Cisco: A Networking Giant

Most people with an interest in technology have heard of Cisco – a corporate giant within the networking world. It is among the most influential and pioneering businesses within computer technologies, and a market leader in many modern areas of computing, including cloud-based computing, virtualisation and network security. In terms of innovation, Cisco spent $1.5bn in research and development in April 2017 alone. I wish I had bought shares in the mid-nineties…

Networking Certifications from an Industry Leader

Cisco offers world-wide and industry-renowned qualifications. Whether you are a networking newcomer, or already a professional looking to advance your career, a Cisco Certification puts you in a good situation to quickly develop within the industry. The variety of certifications on offer mean that there is a course for you no matter your background or experience.

What Courses Are on Offer?

As someone who has a reasonable understanding of networking, but never used it in a professional environment, I would be looking to complete the Cisco Entry Level Certification (CCENT). This offers a key starting point for those looking for their first networking position. On successful completion, you will be well-placed for success in entry-level networking job applications and have a firm foundation on which to develop your networking career.

Cisco Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Professional (CCNP) Certifications offer more advanced courses for those already within a networking career. These qualifications offer people the opportunity to obtain leading training, and show serious intent to their employers. Both programmes are available specific fields, such as Collaboration, Industrial and Wireless, so whatever your discipline, there is a Cisco Certification available to suit your professional needs.

Cisco’s Certification offerings range up to industry Specialists and Experts – these courses can help hone careers to the level of world-leading networking professionals; Business Specialist Certifications can help business owners to make smart networking decisions.

Are Cisco Certifications for You?

Cisco Certifications come from the very cutting edge of the industry; you may be hard-pressed to find a better range of courses to establish or advance your networking career. It is clear to me that having a Cisco Certifications offers a key point of differentiation for prospective employees; Cisco Certifications also present a viable solution for business owners to further develop their workforce and advance their knowledge and understanding of the latest networking innovations.

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