When going through a plan or idea I have always needed to prepare a corresponding visual organizational chart.  In doing so it provides me with the ability to categorize priorities and flush out action steps.  I had no idea this type of behavior had a name, Mind Mapping.

Until recently I would do plan out my ideas using power point like when I created my family’s cash flow.  but I have discovered Mind Mapping!

What is Mind Mapping?

According to Wikipedia,

A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid to studying and organizing information, solving problems, making decisions, and writing.

The elements of a given mind map are arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts, and are classified into groupings, branches, or areas, with the goal of representing semantic or other connections between portions of information. Mind maps may also aid recall of existing memories.

Basically it is the old school flow chart turned up a notch! Below is a great 3 min video introducing Mind Mapping:

Free Mind Mapping Software

I am all about open source software, but couldn’t find one that I felt comfortable with right of the box.  So after installing and uninstalling a few programs I found a great, free program called XMind.  Since Mind Mapping build off a central idea, I decided to name mine…EMPIRE.

For purposes of this post I wanted to focus on a new site I am building called Pregnancy Pool.


As you can see, Pregnancy Pool is a branch off the mighty (well not really mighty just yet) empire.  I then break it up to various priorities:

  • Create the Site
  • Have the Art Work Created
  • Start Worrying about Traffic

Below each subtopic are either actions or keywords to get me thinking or acting when I look at it.

Have you ever used Mind Mapping for a project? Do you use a different program?