Apple has so many apps available in the app store to help make things in our lives easier. This especially is true for Students, there are so many apps that help with school work and daily living for the younger generation. I have had the pleasure of being introduced to an app that allows you to have access to all of these apps in one place for a small monthly fee. Setapp charges $4.99 a month to have unlimited access to the best apps available for students. As a student, I looked around to see what they had to offer in their bundle that could help me.


This app is extremely helpful to keep your notes organized. It allows you to keep notes from different classes and talks all in one location. It has options such as entries, attachments, journal, protocall, resources, sharing, and sync. You can organize all of these items by whatever you want so you can find things in a pinch no matter where you are.


iThoughtsX is a tool for anyone who needs to gather their thoughts. It is a mind mapping app that allows you to make things like task lists and brainstorm your ideas or goal setting. It is nice to have a tool to organize your thoughts for you to bring them fruition.  A similar app that is available through Setapp is Xmind. This app is also a mind map builder.

Aeon Timeline

Another app that is one of the best in my opinion is Aeon Timeline. Aeon Timeline is a timeline software that helps you visualize tasks such as creative projects and business planning. It presents timelines visually which is great for students.


One skill that is difficult for students to thrive in is goal setting, especially academically. Studies is an app that allows you to set goals for your studies! You can set out time to review notes or study in order to achieve your learning goals.


Whether you are a math major or an art major, you will need to use calculations of some nature. The app Numi offers a completely different calculating experience. It makes the process of calculating elegant, simple and consistent – you type what you need in a string and it calculates. Use it if you have a complete set of calculations that you want to keep a record of or save. Give this elegant calculator app a try and you’ll thank yourself for the convenience.

These are truly some of the best apps for students available in the app store. Having access to all of these apps in one spot has made student life a breeze, not to mention affordable as well. Setapp is also updating its apps constantly so there are more and more options to become available in the future.