Beautiful Switzerland

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A friend of mine is currently visiting Switzerland on vacation. She has been posting pictures on Instagram nonstop. First it made me jealous and now it has enticed me to want to plan a trip there for myself.


I think the number one factor as to why someone would want to visit is because of the scenery. From the Swiss Alps to the castles right from a story book, who wouldn’t want to experience this country? Some of the major sightseeing destinations are the Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch, Lake Geneva, Bern, Zurich, The Rhine Falls and Swiss National Park. I will admit that the Après-Ski venues seem to be right up my alley. Glühwein anyone?


Another charming quality about the country is its size. Switzerland is rather small. It is 15,940 square miles and you can drive across the country in approximately 3 hours. This makes it an easy country to visit and explore in its entirety. Through my research I have found that the public transportation system is amazing. They apparently have it down to a science and it is very clean.


The country is also split up into three different regions: German, French, and Italian. The German region is the central and eastern part, The French region is the western part, and the Italian region is the southern area of the country. The German region is the largest. While they do speak the languages of these countries in the respective areas, there is a Swiss dialect as well. The Swiss who live in the German region are taught proper German in school, but they tend to speak Swiss German. Because of these factors, the culture you would get to experience in one trip sounds amazing.

Should I move there?

It seems like it would be an amazing place to not only visit but also to stay, so I even looked into moving there. Based upon my research, the only downfall about moving to Switzerland is that the cost of living is very high and also the housing market is very competitive when it comes to renting. However, it seems to me that using the tax advantages in the country to establish a corporation or business would have its perks. Company formation in Switzerland seems doable so I would be off to a good start. My best bet would be to dabble in the watch, tourist, insurance or banking industry. Sounds simple right?

Hopefully this plan will one day come to fruition. Until then I can dream.

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Amber tree January 28, 2017 - 7:37 am

Just back from a week of ski in Switzerland… beautiful country.

Maybe ask what he thinks? he moved in out of Italy.


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