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You Shouldn’t Have a Professional Business with a Generic Email Address

I was dealing with another attorney the other day on a matter, and I was shocked when he gave me an email address that ended in @optonline.net (the old internet provider in the greater New York area).   As I am actively running one, I understand the restrictions of operating a one or two person law firm, but there is absolutely no excuse for you to have a generic email address like @optonline, @gmail,@verizon, or any other local carrier's domain. As soon as I thought about this I shot off a tweet about it, and as is the nature of twitter, I was [...]

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July 2018 Dividend Watch List and Purchase

For the longest time I would create a watch list and then wait until the following month to write a post about which stock I bought and why.  After rethinking how I treat this account last week I am going to change it up going forward.  I never really waited between creating the watch list and making my purchase - I would write the post one night and then the next day buy my lot(s). My Screening Method for Under Valued Dividend Growth Stocks Earlier this year, I finished Tobias Carlisle's book, The Acquirer's Multiple, and decided to give the valuation method [...]

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How to Decide Whether to Buy or Rent a Property

If you’re getting ready to move into your first home, or just relocating to somewhere new, there can be a lot of questions that you ask yourself at the beginning of the home searching process. One of the biggest things to consider can be whether you should be looking to buy or rent a place to live. Buying and renting can both come with pros and cons that make each option more or less suitable for different situations. You can make the best choice for your lifestyle by considering a few key points. Identify What Your Goals Are As with any major [...]

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Treating my Favorite Investment Account Like a Business

When I was doing a review of my 2018 Goals and Objectives last week I noticed a glaring failure on my part.  When I was creating my goals and objective for 2018, I remember specifically thinking that I wanted to treat my dividend account more like a business.  The account is not (yet) large in terms of my net worth, but I really believe I can turn it into a future income stream. To me, "treating it like a business," would mean increased record keeping and transparency (even if that is just to myself and my tens of readers).  Record keeping and [...]

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The Financial Realities of Popular Living Situations

We all need a place to live. From a financial point-of-view, where we choose to live can be the most important decision we make. Whether it’s a mortgage payment, rent payment, or the fuel and maintenance to keep a van running (see below) the monthly cost of housing is usually the biggest bite out of our income. Choose wisely and we manage to have an affordable way to live comfortably and to improve our chances of building a stronger financial future. Choose poorly and we risk throwing thousands of money away needlessly and sabotage our financial security going forward. While we can’t [...]

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