How did your $1000 Challenge go?  Mine went phenomenally, but more on that after I address my other August goals.

  • Read King Lear: Success!  I actually read 2 other books as well, some investing book and The Well Trained Mind.
  • $500 extra towards mortgage: Success! I hope to be able to add an extra $1000 consistently by the beginning of 2013 so for the rest of the year I will be trying to up my payments.
  • Cardio class 4x’s per week: Success! This is getting more difficult as my pregnancy progresses but I was able to do it this month. I’m hoping to continue it throughout the entire pregnancy but only time will tell. 17 more weeks to go.
  • Lower internet bill: Success! All I did was call them up and ask them what they could do for me in terms of making the payments a little more manageable.  They lowered the price $20 per month for the next 12 months.  I highly recommend that everyone contact their internet, phone, and cable providers at least once a year to negotiate rates.  This has saved me hundreds every year.
  • Finish bedroom remodelFail.  This got put off because of a death in my husband’s family.  It is set to be finished the second week of September.
  • Stay in budget: Success! After not tracking our budget for 2 months, I’m extremely happy how this month went.  It was surprising to me that I didn’t have to pay close attention to this in order to succeed.
  • Purchase life insurance policy: Fail. This too was a fail because of a death in the family.  Since my husband’s aunt is the agent we deal with this was put off for a couple weeks. We have gotten our quotes and just need to pick which works best for us.
  • $1000 challenge: Success, success, success! I rocked this challenge.  Halfway through August I was already at $1000 but decided to just keep pushing it to earn more.  The final amount I earned this month was $1,485!!  This was a really fun challenge that pushed me to find ways to earn more.  I will certainly be doing this challenge again in the near future.  Here’s the breakdown of how I earned the extra money.
    • $1000 came from pet sitting.
    • $485 came from things like freelance writing, cleaning, selling some items, credit card rewards, and completing surveys online.

September is going to be a more relaxed month in terms of trying to earn money because I have some house projects I’d like to get started. Here are my goals for this month.

  • Finish bedroom remodel
  • Purchase life insurance policy
  • $500 extra to mortgage
  • Find a place to buy cabinet doors for the kitchen
  • Take a 2 day trip somewhere (I’m thinking Ocean City, MD)
  • Teach Rosalyn the alphabet. She’s got a good amount of them down, upper and lower case, and has been very interesting in them so I think this should be fun and easy.
  • Lower our car insurance premium

Readers:  How did your August goals turn out? If you joined me in the challenge how did it go?  Any fun goals for September?

Side note: Evan Posted his September Net Worth Update Yesterday