Are you Ready to Own a Dog?

by Evan

People are either dog people or not. You love them or you hate them. For those of us who do love dogs, you want nothing more than to have one in your life. Family dogs are true companions that can add so much to your home. The only problem with them, is that they are a lot of work. A decision for your family to own a dog is a very big one. There are many factors to consider when making this decision. Unfortunately just wanting one isn’t enough. It is best to think through the following items before pulling the trigger on purchasing a dog.


One thing people do not realize when it comes to owning a dog is that they are quite costly. It is important to assess your current financial situation to see if it is even feasible. What costs do dogs require. Well the first obvious cos is for their food and daily living. You need to purchase their food. You will also need to purchase equipment like leashes, owls, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, treats, toys and cages. Besides that you will need to fork up a lot of dough for medical expenses. Puppies and dogs require many vet visits that are routine and also costly. Things like shots and medications are standard for dogs, but if you are faced with a dog that requires additional medical attention than the medical costs could be substantial. Some dog owners elect to invest in pet insurance to help with these costs. That is another monthly expense that can add up to a hefty sum. Some may need to hit it big on the best online casinos in order to afford their pet. Either way, your financial situation needs to be assessed to see if you can handle these sort of expenses.


You also need to review your lifestyle in your home. Are you working all day? Do you have kids? Do you travel? All of these factors need to be considered. Dogs require time, attention, exercise. Different breeds require different degrees of these things. It is important decide if a.) you can adjust your lifestyle for a dog and b.) the breed your selecting fits within your lifestyle. For example, if the breed you are contemplating requires a lot of exercise and you have a busy schedule, than it may not work out. If you have kids than it is imperative that the dog you are bringing into your home is good with children. If you travel a lot than you may need to cut back on your travel or come up with a plan for who can watch your dog when you are away. These are big factors in deciding on whether you are ready to own a dog or even a specific breed.

As previously mentioned, dogs are great and can add so much to a family. However, they are a lot of responsibility so it is something that should be thought through for many reasons as discussed above.

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