Are you Freaking Serious Fridays are Born

//Are you Freaking Serious Fridays are Born

Are you Freaking Serious Fridays are Born

I don’t really follow a structure when blogging, I just write.  Sometimes its good, sometimes its not, but some of my favorite posts to write are the ones where I am complaining and bitching, and since those are the posts with the most comments I guess the reader likes it too!

It doesn’t matter whether it is about financial topics, politics or randomness.  Many of these posts can be found under the category appropriately titled rants.  So, I have decided to build a little structure in my life, and create a certain kind of post on Fridays – “Are you Freaking Serious Fridays?”

Some of My Journey to Millions’ Favorite Pre-Are You Freaking Serious Friday Posts

If there is any other blogger, or non-blogger that wants to participate Contact My Journey to Millions.  I will not censor regardless of whether I agree with your point as long as your post is coherent.

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