This past weekend I was visiting the in-laws when their DVR suddenly stopped working.  While I was naturally the guy to blame since I played with the system to try and get it back up, it was actually probably my son who “may” have spilled OJ on the grates that allow liquid to drop right in to the guts of the machine.  Notwithstanding the fact that I jumped on that theory, essentially throwing my son under the bus, I volunteered to go with The Wife and get them a new DVR box.

While we were waiting on our new box The Wife and I overheard the customer next to us.  She was a woman maybe in her 40s with a 7 to 9 year old daughter.  She had walked in with us in a terrible downpour.  Her question cut both The Wife and I,

What is the minimum I can pay to keep my service on?

We didn’t say anything to each other but once we got to the car it was evident that we both heard the comment.  She was driving a relatively in good shape Nissan Xtera, didn’t seem all that disheveled, although she was at the Cable place at 1pm on a Monday meaning she wasn’t at work.  Whatever the reasoning she literally couldn’t pay her entire cable bill which caused me to think:

If things are things are bad what the fuck do you care about cable?

Again, I know nothing about her situation and maybe I am jumping too quickly to interject my opinion but if things are bad financially what are you doing spending any money on cable tv?  Most people don’t have a contract with the cable company so why bother keeping it on? Is it because you have a daughter and this is a cheap way to provide normalcy? Is it because you work form home and need the internet?

Alternatively, maybe I am too quick to judge a person’s financial situation.  Maybe she does that for what could be essentially a free loan from the cable company? Maybe she does that because she just had a particularly bad week at work or with expenses and this was a one time thing?

The two ideas/questions aren’t mutually exclusive insofar as maybe I can judge too quickly and maybe her priorities are just F’ed up but nonetheless they both bother me still.