One of the reasons we are having Occupy Wall Street protests and backlash towards the “1 percent” is because the public doesn’t understand what it is like to have money. All they see when they hear about investment bankers and stock analysts is about the expensive cars, luxurious meals, and the near rock n’ roll lifestyle that those in the industry live.

No matter if they work for Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan, Wall Street people are just doing what they do best – making money. Most of the protesters and critics are just jealous of the economic success and higher living conditions that the wealthy are able to provide for themselves.

While it is true that the financial workers enjoy the nicer things in life, they also work hard for it and have to make sacrifices. If the media were to report on some of the burdens that the job creator class face each day in America, the public’s response to the success may be different. The portrayal of the Wall Street worker as the Monopoly Guy or an evil Robber Baron is not just inaccurate, it is sort of a misleading propaganda tool.

The first thing the media likes to show is the devastation the rich have on the average American worker. They blame them for causing foreclosures on homes, outsourcing jobs to India, and making everyone’s credit score drop. The fact is that if people lived in homes that matched their means and didn’t use credit to purchase things they don’t need, they simply wouldn’t have to do those things. As for the jobs to India claim, most Americans feel they are above working in a call center or manufacturing parts for iPhones.

Another aspect of the rich life the media tends to exploit is the lavish lifestyle they supposedly live. Sure they may own fancy homes in Manhattan and Jaguars, but it is nothing compared to those who work in the entertainment industry. Some movie stars make over $20 million a film and the media reports this as another day at the office for them. Instead of pouncing on their outrageous demands and wasteful spending habits, the media gives these people reality TV shows and loads of free press for their projects.

Most of the people who work on Wall Street live a rather conservative lifestyle that is consistent with a sustainable earth. They also create jobs, foster innovation, and solve problems that most do not even know exist. If you are on the fence about the position of the wealthy in this country, do some research and find out what is really going on.

The popular philosphy in America is that you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make something for yourself. By complaining about those who create jobs instead of taking offers and opportunities, the economy will not get fixed and may even remain stagnant for several more years.


Guest Post by Amanda