Wall Street Bull

A couple days ago a good buddy of mine asked if I would help him out a bar mitzvah, since 99% of bar mitzvahs are on Saturday nights I quickly declined.  However, this buddy knows me so well that he was able to buy my services at the lowest price that he knew I couldn’t turn down.  If you are curious the price was $350 cash for about 8 hours worth of physical work.  Not that it is important, but to give you a better idea of what I was doing we were personalizing sports equipment for the children-guests.

By my rough (read: pure guesses) this party had to cost somewhere between $200,000 and $300,000.  Besides our five digit sports station the party took place in downtown Manhattan, there were at least 4 party planners that I interacted with (1 main one and 3 assistants), and a very popular pop artist come by to sing about 5 songs and sign some autographs!  I didn’t make it into the party so I have no idea what that was like, but from what I saw…WOW.

While I believe everyone would love to be this wealthy, it is just not in the cards for 99.9%, nor do I have any illusions of ever being wealthy enough to throw a party like that.  I am not sure I would even throw a party like that even if I were that wealthy.

So what is the point of this short Monday Morning Post?

Do Stories of High Net Worth Individuals and Their Spending Interest or Enrage You?

I have written a lot about the subject of high net worth individuals (despite not being one yet), and I am curious whether hearing  about ridiculous spending or their balance sheet interests you or enrages you considering the wealth inequality in America?