I remember recently that it was about a year since I signed up for the American Express Gold Card.  The sole reason I signed up for the card was the 50,000 bonus points I received (their deals change all the time) and I knew I would be going on a trip this year so I would get most if not all of my plane ticket taken care of.  The promotional time had expired but I wanted to keep the card, but how do I justify the $175 the annual fee?

If you are interested I used up those 50,000 points plus another 24,000 earned over the course of a year to purchase 2 non-stop tickets to Atlanta to celebrate my 30th birthday!

Why I Like My American Express Gold Card

The Gold card is not a credit card.  It is a charge card and as Wikipedia points out,

A charge card is a plastic (or occasionally titanium) card that provides an alternative payment to cash when making purchases in which the issuer and the cardholder enter into an agreement that the debt incurred on the charge account will be paid in full and by due date (usually every thirty days) or be subject to severe late fees and restrictions on card use.

So knowing that it has to be paid off in 30 days it provides me a sense of urgency to make sure the bill is paid.  With credit cards it was too easy for me to say, “oh, I’ll just roll over 10 or 20% of the balance.”  This is not an option with the American Express Gold Card.

I treat it as a super-charged debit card. Except this one gives me a ridiculous warranty (that I have yet to use lol), 3x / 2x / 1x points for different purchases, and allowed me to use my points to get an essentially free trip to Atlanta for my birthday.

Another Feature I really like is how easy they make it to pay in increments (although I am sure most cards have a similar option):

American Express Payment Center

American Express Summary of Account

How I Got My American Express Gold Card Annual Fee Waived

As much as I like the card, a $175 in today’s world is simply outrageous! So I called:

Evan:  I really like the card but a $175 feel is just crazy.  What can we do?

Ruthie (yes that was her name):  The first year was promotional and now you owe it.

Evan: No, I can cancel, but I prefer not to change a lot in my life considering how many regular charges I have going to it monthly.

Ruthie: Starts naming some features

Evan: I am holding an offer from chase for 50,000 miles.

Ruthie: Please hold

Ruthie: Well considering how much money you spend with us (not sure if this was a compliment lol) how about I credit you $130 right now and another $75 if you spend $3,000 in the next 60 days.

Evan: You are going to pay me to keep the card? Fantastic!

It was literally as easy as calling and just telling them that you have options.


Do You have an American Express Card? Do you like or dislike the charge card?