Want to know me brought me sheer joy? A couple of articles highlighting that some African Americans just learned that the President of the United States is the President of the entire United States not just of one minority group (The Politico Piece, POTUS’s Outlook on Black America is the one that got me started on my search for the actual quotes).

Warning Warning Warning Short Political Rant (with a lot of bolding and Caps)

I am not a fan of Obama, and it only has to do with his Politics.  As I have stated many times, I am a moderate libertarian, read again Libertarian NOT liberal.  According to the Libertarian Party,

Libertarians believe in, and pursue, personal freedom while maintaining personal responsibility.  The Libertarian Party itself serves a much larger pro-liberty community with the specific mission of electing Libertarians to public office. Libertarians strongly oppose any government interfering in their personal, family and business decisions.  Essentially, we believe all Americans should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do no harm to another. In a nutshell, we are advocates for a smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.

Doesn’t that sound like the opposite of Obama, and to a certain extent the 2nd Bush?  Regardless of where I stand politically back to my Joy. Apparently prominent African Americans are pissed off that Obama isn’t pandering to their interests.

New York Times Columnist, Charles M. Blow, said,

The Age of Obama, so far at least, seems less about Obama as a black community game-changer than as a White House gamesman. It’s unclear if there will be a positive Obama Effect, but an Obama Backlash is increasingly apparent. Meanwhile, black people are also living a tale of two actions: grin and bear it

Danny Glover (Yes, the Lt. Riggs is a political activist – want to see a picture of him hugging the shit out of America-Hating, Chavez ?) recently stated that,

“…the Obama administration has followed the same playbook, to a large extent, almost verbatim, as the Bush administration. I don’t see anything different. . . . What’s so clear is that this country from the outset is projecting the interests of wealth and property.”

What the hell did you think was going to happen? That the big O was going to get into Office:

  • Pull all troops out?
  • Shut down Gitmo?
  • hand every minority a bucket full of cash?

Oh, wait he didn’t do any of that and people are shocked!

Maybe those who voted for Obama thought he was allowed to write a law (which is the first mistake since the President doesn’t write laws) that said just African Americans & Latinos didn’t have to pay taxes this year?  Obama, had an AMAZING REPLY to these, and other, pissed off African Americans,

The only thing I cannot do is, by law I can’t pass laws that say I’m just helping black folks,” Obama said. “I’m the president of the entire United States. What I can do is make sure that I am passing laws that help all people, particularly those who are most vulnerable and most in need. That, in turn, is going to help lift up the African-American community.

I want to officially welcome everyone to reality,

  • You can’t just pull hundreds of thousands of troops out of an area
  • You can’t just shut down a prison, and
  • YOU CAN’T JUST WRITE LAWS THAT HELP ONE GROUP (minus Reverse Discrimination…I mean Affirmative Action – although its dying slowly).

Did you believe Obama was going to be the savior for Minorities? Were you disillusioned by Promises?