I was dumbfounded by a recent CNBC Chart of the Day titled “From $400K Macs to $23k iPods.”  The article provides how much an investment in Apple would be worth if you had bought the stock at the time for the price of that new gadget:

Opportunity Cost of buying Apple Products

Of course you could always argue what if you bought stock in one of the hundreds of car companies that no longer exist when that technology first appeared, and that hindsight is 20-20 but the graph should still affect you in some way.

For me, I don’t get enough utility or enjoyment to allocate dollars to early technology, so it isn’t just this particular situation that captured me. Rather it is the idea that material goods should have a lower priority in our lives.

Who the hell even knows where their original iPod is?  or God forbid your first iPhone!  I bet there is no one reading this post that still is using their original iPhone as their main phone.

I hope to look back at this post as a reminder before I go buy random shit!