6 Reasons To Give DIY Blind Installation A Try

//6 Reasons To Give DIY Blind Installation A Try

6 Reasons To Give DIY Blind Installation A Try

Typically, when you buy a home or move into one that is a newer construction, the last thing you think of is window treatments – which can be a huge mistake. Although they aren’t factored into many home budgets, blinds, draperies, and shades can cost you a considerable amount, and in some areas of your home they’re necessary for heating, cooling, and privacy. If you are considering installing your own blinds, there are both advantages and disadvantages to doing so. If you have a “can-do” attitude, then there is no reason why you can’t give it a try. These are six reasons from Budget Blinds, why installing your own blinds might be an excellent idea.

The cost

Not only do blinds cost a considerable amount, but the installation can be very expensive. If you can use a tape measure and a drill, there is no reason to pay an outside professional. The cost of paying someone to install your blinds is typically about the same as the blinds cost. If you can install them yourself, you will end up paying about half.

You get to choose

As mentioned above, if you hire a professional to install your blinds, then half of your cost will go towards the price of installation. That might mean that you have to make sacrifices on what type you choose. Instead of settling for a lower-cost blind like faux wood, if you install them yourself, you can choose the type you want and still be able to afford it.

You can put it in your back pocket

It is always great to learn a new skill. Although it might feel overwhelming to measure, purchase, and install your own blinds, if you are successful, then you get to tell everyone, “Look what I did.” The feeling of accomplishment is awesome, not just because you were able to be that handy, but also because you saved yourself and your family some serious cash. That is something you can take to the mental bank and deposit.

You might learn some skills

If you install your own blinds after ordering them online, then you can learn some additional things. Typically, when you engage in a DIY project, there are lessons learned along the way. Installing your own blinds will likely teach you how to measure, how to drill, and how to place appropriately to fit the window box. Although it might seem minimal, the lessons learned are major, and will give you the knowledge – and the confidence – to attempt other do-it-yourself projects.

You aren’t on anyone else’s schedule

If you install your blinds yourself, it might take longer – but you are on your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about someone coming into your home and messing with your time constraints. If you want to do your bedroom first and put the other areas on hold, that is your choice. The best part about doing it yourself is that you can prioritize when you want to install blinds and which ones you want to spend money on, instead of being beholden to doing them all at once because it is cheaper to hire someone to do it in one fell swoop.

You know how to replace or repair them

The worst part about having someone install something in your home is that when something breaks or needs repair, you may not know how to do it. If you are the one who installs your blinds, not only do you know how to repair and replace them, but you also will have all the tools to do so. There is a very freeing feeling in knowing whether something is completely fixable, and that you know how to take care of things that need it.

If you are worried about installing your own blinds, don’t be. You totally got this. If you watch a YouTube video and measure correctly, there is no reason that you can’t install your own window blinds with minimal tools and expertise. But what you will gain is the knowledge and confidence to try new do-it-yourself projects. It will also ensure that you don’t have to call someone if your blinds need repairs or replacement. Installing your blinds on your own is totally worth the time and energy and can save you a lot of money.

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  1. Retiring On My Terms January 19, 2018 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    I definitely recommend giving it a try. You are right that the only things needed are a drill and a tape measure, and maybe a ladder. I am not the most handy person in the world, but I’ve installed blinds several times. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex project, installing blinds yourself ranks as a 1 or a 2 in my opinion. If the cost is significant this is definitely something to try yourself!

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