6 Must Have Money Saving Apps

///6 Must Have Money Saving Apps

6 Must Have Money Saving Apps

Especially in today’s economy, it’s important to find smart, easy, and efficient ways to save money. All of us are doing what we can to stay committed to our monthly spending budget, while at the same time getting the most bang for our buck. Whether you’re making money online with Oberlo, or working on your feet every day at the local diner, you find yourself frustrated with the usual strategies for saving money. There must be something better out there.cell phone on money

Luckily, there is something better: money-saving apps. Just take a look to find out which ones work best for you:

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is an app that’s completely free and will help you save money in unexpected ways–and plan how much money you want to save in the future and facilitate that. It works in several steps: first, it gets your budget organized; second, it finds and cancels unwanted paid subscriptions you have; third, it analyzes your financial decisions and explains them to you so you can change them; fourth, it helps you save a certain amount a day or week for a splurge you want to have later; and fourth, it lowers your bills by searching for discounts.


This Android and iOS app is a smart savings app that helps its users reach their financial goals through smart saving and investing. How does it do this? Basically, the Dobot app makes saving easier by using a bot to help you budget and save for specific goals such as big trips or purchases. This bot helps you transfer cash from your checking account into savings accounts made for these specific goals–by automatically setting aside small amounts of money you don’t notice to help you reach your goals without too much effort.


If you’re someone who wants to keep track of all their spending, being able to take a look in one second and what percentage of their income goes to what kinds of purchases, then Mint is definitely the money-saving app for you. Made by the same people who created TurboTax, this app keeps track of all your spending, from your bank accounts to your credit cards, bills, and investments. This means that, if you want to get organized on how you spend and save, this app is definitely for you.

Credit Karma

For anyone who’s looking to build or improve their credit, Credit Karma is the perfect app to have. In addition to getting your credit score immediately, for free and in 100% full reports, you’ll also be able to find out what credit factors break down what goes into your score. Once you’ve done this, you’ll also receive important credit monitoring updates, and you’ll also receive personal recommendations on how to improve your credit–which is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their credit or stay on a steady track with it.


If you’re one of those credit card users who has multiple cards, and you receive different kinds of rewards with each one, then one of the best ways of saving money is by using the Wallaby app. Basically, by putting in all of your credit card info, this app helps you keep track of all your points and prizes, looks for deals you can get through your card–both in nearby physical retailers and via online merchants–and provides you with spending charts, too, so that you can keep track of which card you’re using the most. Its best feature, according to reviewers, is how much cash back you can get back.


Qapital is an app that works together with your checking account–and if you prefer, you can have one with them, called Qapital Spending–to help you save money.  You can save money for shared goals, and every time you make a purchase, you can round up a dollar and save a little extra for what you care about saving on. Reviews are all very positive, such as: “This app is absolutely amazing. I’m saving money without the manual work of transferring to savings every time. This also eliminates me forgetting to do the manual work if I had to.” For anyone who wants to save and often forgets, this is a great app.

Whatever way you want to save your money, these apps are helpful and take away a lot of the stress and work from how hard it usually is. Whether you want to save up for the best tactical flashlight, or for your favorite green vein maeng da kratom strain, you’ll be able to finally find a way to save some money and spend it on what really matters to you. So download a couple of these apps on your phone, test them out, and start saving–for success that’s both personal and financial.

What money-saving apps do you use? Which has been the most helpful and easy to use?

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