5 Cities around the world to invest in real estate

by Evan

The entire world is now a global market in numerous aspects and now it is as easy to invest in real estate and stocks in the globe as it is to buy shares in your own land.

The number of global investor over the last 10 years has grown at an exceptional rate. Iconic cities like London, New York, and Los Angeles have seen a huge inflow of foreign funds as investors from around the world are trying to buy properties in a major city.

However, the most important essence of investing in any real estate business is expected returns over the period of time or may be enjoying regular rental income in the go.

In order to achieve all the necessary goals, one needs to find the best location that is a hub for tourists and city dwellers, and also there has to be the base of microeconomics to support upsurge in property prices.

So let’s have a look at 5 cities around the globe to invest in real estate


Barcelona a city in Spain that fulfills every criterion for a real estate investor. It is a vibrant city with contemporary architecture. The city is a perfect blend of Mediterranean and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The city is equally reputed in both national and international market.

Barcelona is often recognized as a city of beautiful people which also attracts buyers when looking at the real estate market.

There have been collective efforts from the Spanish government to attract international investor after Costa’s repetitive struggle to regain its reputation in the real estate market post-recession, the world’s most beautiful city is keeping strong and worth considering as a major investment.

According to local real estate agents, the sales turnover have risen by 250% and buy to let a property in the city seems to be on the bucket list for many investors.

Panama City

Calling Panama city heaven for expatriates will not be wrong.  The place is blessed with beaches on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. This very fact and home to the Panama Canal makes it technically the most appropriate real estate in the world. Without any doubt, if you are looking for a dark-horse investment, Panama is worth consideration.

The city enjoys a stable secure government and stable entrepreneurial atmosphere with tax-free areas to attract business. The best part is prices are still reasonable as compared to other cities. Panama is also the richest country in Latin America based on per capita income. The point to be noted is that the place was also unaffected by the by the global recession of 2007.


The next city topping the list is Dubai. The place in the past was considered as the perfect example for a boom-and-bust haven for your cash and without a doubt, Dubai’s hot air has not associated to the temperature outside did in the past years helped prices in the city to rise and fall substantially.

However, the real estate prices in Dubai have stabilized and in fact, have risen by 30% ever since 2013. This has created enormous opportunities for investors to invest in the shares, with the rising demand as per investment perspective Dubai is an apt place for real estate. In Expo 2020, Dubai is expecting over 20 million tourists, which are about 8 million more visitors than now. According to WTTC, the tourism sector added about 8.4 % of GDP (117.4 billion dirhams) in U.A.E economy. The employment opportunities will rise; about 369,000 job openings are expected by the end of 2024.  Dubai is a very attractive place to live in and work, while people who are investing in real estate will enjoy the rental income along with the rise in their equity in coming years.

New York

Buying a home in New York is not for faint-hearted people especially in places like Manhatten in New York City, but despite humongous numbers, the market is still growing and on rising. Both Manhatten and New York City are classic examples of supply and demand influencing to drive up rates. People around the globe dream of staying and working in New York and owning their share of land, so folks if you have a heavy pocket, there’s still a strong option to invest in properties there. The median sales price in Manhattan currently is $1.1 million, and median sales prices in both Brooklyn and Queens have increased up to  $808,000 and $573,500, respectively. The potential houses to buy in NYC are Condo(you get the full ownership of the apartment), Co-op( best for long time investment), Townhouse (a three-four story building).


The final city on the list is Krakow a city in Poland. This might come as surprise to many people but this place is a perfect getaway for tourist with a medieval backdrop. The icing on the cake is that this serene place provides attractive real estate opportunities for interested investors. Many native Poland residents have flocked down into other European Union destinations, but this has helped Krakow to invite substantial EU infrastructure funds to create better properties. The news of many multinational companies investing in Krakow is also hitting the headlines. This clue is big enough to invest in flats in the historic city with prices just under £80,000.


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