3 Clever Ways to Make Money While You Shop

by Evan

Online shopping is convenient, easy, and requires very little effort. No matter if you’re shopping for protein bars, clothes, or pet food, you’re sure to find it in the vast online marketplace. Another perk of shopping online is that with the right apps and websites, you can actually make money when buying your favorite products!

These days, getting paid to shop isn’t just for personal shoppers. In fact, there are many different ways you can actually make money after spending it.

If you’re serious about making your hard earned dollars go even further, this is the blog post for you. Keep reading to learn 3 clever ways to make money while shopping for products at your favorite retailers.

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1. Use Cash Back Websites

Cash-back websites have become all the rave for frugal online shoppers. When using a cash-back website, you’re given a percentage of your entire purchase price. Most of these websites offer cash back offers between 1% to 10%. You may even find even higher cash back percentages, depending on the retailer!

Some of the most popular cash-back websites are:

  • Ebates
  • TopCashBack
  • Rebates
  • Swagbucks

So how do these websites work? Cash-back sites make a commission on the sale of a merchant’s product. In turn, the cash-back website gives you a percentage of their commission. To earn cash back on your purchase, you must buy items through the cash-back website’s portal. This way your purchase can be tracked and you can receive your money back earnings.

Once you reach a cash back threshold, you can cash out your earnings in the form of a check or gift card. Some cash back websites allow users to receive their earnings via PayPal.

2. Use the Paribus Mobile App

You’ve done your due diligence and taken the time to compare prices for a certain item on several different retailer websites. You’ve even searched to find a coupon that makes your purchase even sweeter. You order the item and impatiently wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. But, a few days later you notice that the price has dropped.

In most cases, when you purchase an item, what you pay is what you pay. Most retailers don’t allow consumers to price match a lower price. Typically the only option is to return the original item and then purchase it again at the lower price.

Online prices fluctuate due to a variety of factors including popularity, item newness, and of course, supply and demand. While you may make a purchase with all intention of paying the lowest price possible, chances are the price will change.

Thankfully there’s a way to ensure that you’ll never lose money again because of price fluctuations. Paribus is a consumer saving app that allows users to get money back on items that have decreased in price after purchase.

So how does it work? Paribus scans your email receipts and makes note of your past purchases. The app cross matches receipts and purchase history and keeps track of what you paid versus what the item is currently priced at. When the app finds a price difference, it immediately notifies you.

From there the app will submit a refund request on your behalf. If the refund is successful, Paribus takes a 25% commission and the rest of the savings are paid to you.

After reading Paribus reviews, it’s obvious that consumers love this app. Not only has it saved users more than $29 million, but the app also keeps your personal data, such as your email address, private. The company never shares or sells your personal information.

If you shop at large retailers such as Target, Kohls, Staples, Best Buy, or even Costco, this is an app worth downloading.

3. Use RecieptHog

Most people use coupons to save money when buying groceries. But, what if you could actually earn money each time you make a trip to the grocery store? ReceiptHog is a free mobile app that offers cash reimbursement. The app is mostly geared towards grocery item purchases, some of which can be quite expensive, especially if you have a large family.

To receive cash-backs from ReceiptHog, you’ll need to scan and upload your receipts. When you purchase eligible items, you earn hog coins. These coins can be redeemed for real cash via PayPal. You can also purchase Amazon e-cards. ReceiptHog also offers weekly draws in which you can earn around 5,000 hog coins.

You can shop at some of your favorite retailers including:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Food Lion
  • CVS
  • Kroger
  • Stop & Shop

What’s most important when using this app? Hold onto your receipts!


Not only can you save money when shopping online by comparing prices, using coupons, and shopping during promotional periods, you can also make money! Use these 3 methods to get paid for buying your favorite products.


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