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How Big Data Influences Personal Finances

It’s relatively apparent these days how the sheer amount of information has changed the way both big and small companies do business and make their money. Indeed, big data has so altered the modern business model that new regulations in the U.S. (various legislation at the federal and state levels) and abroad (GDPR), are increasingly being introduced to effectuate tighter and better control of the massive amount of personal data now available via the Internet, the World Wide Web and beyond. What might not be so apparent, however, is how big data has also changed the way we, as individuals, manage our [...]

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Half Year Update – Goals and Objectives for 2019

It is shocking to think about being half way done with 2019! I usually don't give much thought to a half year update, but with the craziness that has been happening with regard to buying a new home and selling our current home, I thought it may be a good idea to take a step back and re-read my 2019 goals and objectives post.  Maybe see if I can get realigned despite the balls I am currently trying to juggle. My overarching goal for 2019 was/is to get back to the basics!  It is with that lens that I take a look [...]

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What are Informal Debt Agreements?

An informal agreement is an agreement a debtor makes with his or her creditor, without having to endure the legally binding process that impacts their credit score. Often, a debt counsellor will negotiate these terms to find a mutually beneficial agreement, but a debtor may also find he or she wants to contact the debtors and negotiate on his or her own behalf. If you’re thinking about refining your debt repayments and getting back on track, consider an informal debt agreement as the best possible option for both parties. We’re going to discuss more about informal debt agreements and how they can [...]

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June 2019 Undervalued Dividend Stock Watch List

The downturn in the market I discussed last month was pretty short lived, so it'll be interesting to see what stocks still meet my metrics below.  As a reminder, every month I buy a lot or two (currently defined as $500) of a hopefully undervalued dividend growth stock. Screening for Undervalued Dividend Growth Companies Dividend Growth History The very first hurdle that a company has to pass is whether it has increased its dividend for 20 or more years.  I am looking to build a sustainable income stream, and it is my hope (and all it is a hope) that if they [...]

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Large International Corporations Should Keep Their Mouth Shut on Social Issues

Georgia's new abortion law has been receiving a lot of attention from various industries, however, I believe most coproations should stay out of such a heated social issue.  Specifically, the initial reaction from Disney and Netflix is what grabbed my attention, mainly because, who the hell knew Georgia had a film industry? Who Knew Georgia had a Film Industry? I was shocked to learn that anything was filmed in Georgia! and it isn't just a few things, according to Forbes, Georgia acts as a prime production destination for the TV and film industry. In the U.S., it is the third largest production [...]

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