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Undervalued Dividend Growth Screen and Purchase – September 2019

Every month I screen for undervalued dividend growth stocks and buy a lot (as defined by me as $500) or two.  My goal is that one day I can turn off the dividend reinvestment option and start taking a stream of income.  This month I'll be purchase two lots because I missed last month due to the house purchase and the flux my financial life was in at the time. Screening for Undervalued Dividend Growth Companies Dividend Growth History The very first hurdle that a company has to pass is whether it has increased its dividend for 20 or more years.  I [...]

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Learned a Trading Lesson the Hard Way

I learned a trading lesson that I thought I was better than.  Two caveats before I work through what happened in an effort not to make the same mistake twice: We are not talking about a lot of money actually lost.  This isn't a four or five digit mistake.  Just a few hundred dollars of gains that were lost; and We are talking about pure trading/speculation.  The moves I made/didn't make should not be considered long term investing.  This was basically betting without the sports. Normally I would just move on from this type misstep but I feel like I should be accountable to [...]

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Smart Car Care Tips

You’ll have to do more than just fuel it and drive it if you want your car to last. Further, if you make it a point to always give your car what it needs, the vehicle will happily return the favor. Neglect its care, your car will leave you stranded at some point. Hopefully, this will happen somewhere convenient like in your driveway on a lovely spring morning. However, it could just as easily be late at night, in the dead of winter, 50 miles from the nearest town. These smart car care tips will help you show your car the love [...]

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My Rental Real Estate Plan

There are two huge benefits of this blog (actually the two reasons that keep me coming back and I haven't sold the site for good).  The first is that I can think through an issue while I write it out.  Sometimes that just leads to a garbled mess and other times it allows for clarity to present itself.  The second is that I get to read my mindset years and years later.  For example, it is always funny to me when I look back and review my first thoughts on starting an investment club (which is still active by the way), and [...]

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September 2019 Net Worth Update

For the past few years I have been tracking my net worth increases or decreases and sharing them on my personal finance blog.  I usually share month over month results as well as year to date.  I am completely aware that without actual numbers the posts aren't that fun to read, but this is all I am comfortable sharing.  If nothing else it forces me to take account of my assets and liabilities every single month, and I really believe updating a net worth statement is something all adults should do. Thoughts before calculating: Usually I have a pretty good feeling on [...]

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