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It May Be Time to Review Your Last Will and Testament

My small law practice always gets busy come January since "getting your will done" is just one of those adult things people think about at the beginning of each new year.  For all of those that have already have completed their will it may be a good use of your time to review the contents of the will since life changes. Items to Think About When Reviewing Your Will While this list is no where near exhaustive it should at least provide you with some ideas of what to look within your document and even outside your document when reviewing your Will. [...]

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January 2019 Undervalued Dividend Growth Investment Screen and Purchase

For years (minus a few breaks), I have been screening for possibly undervalued stocks that have increased their dividend payments to owners for 20 or more years.  The goal of this account is to eventually be turn on another income stream when it is needed.  Originally, I used various stock metrics (price to earnings, operating margins, etc.), and then about half way through 2018 I learned about the Acquirer's Multiple / Magic Formula and used those techniques.  Since my goal for 2019 is to get back to the basics, this year I am going to go back to those easy to understand stock metrics [...]

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2019 Goals and Objectives

I can't believe this will be the 10th one of these I have written one of these blog posts!  When I wrote my first "goals and objectives" post way back in January of 2009 I could not have possibly imagined my life today.  I am sure I am not alone in that sentiment, hell, I am sure everyone that takes a look back on their life after a decade feels that way!  These posts, like my net worth updates, are what actually keeps me blogging and this website alive.  They give me something to look back at and ask if I have [...]

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How to Have a Happy Marriage When You’re in Business Together

linked gold wedding rings on white background Marriage is wonderfully challenging at the best of times, but running a business together can present many more challenges you might not have anticipated at first. The added pressures and responsibilities that come with running a business together can start to take a toll on your marriage. This is completely normal and many married couples go through this when working or starting a business together. Does this sound like you and your partner? Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to keep your marriage and business running smoothly. Recognise your [...]

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January 2019 Net Worth Update

I first started tracking my net worth and then sharing my gains and loses way back in January 2013.  I absolutely regret not starting earlier, especially when this site was started a few years prior! I believe that every adult would benefit from seeing how their short term personal finance decisions are playing out over the course of a month, months or years, and the easiest way to do that is with a net worth statement. Thoughts before calculating: This month is going to be rough.  This quarter (2018 4Q) is one of the worst on record, and since my net worth [...]

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