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How to Make Money with Paid Surveys in 2019

The new year causes us to make all sorts of resolutions. You know the drill…Lose weight, ditch the bad habits, and finally stick to that pesky and long-ignored budget… If you’re actually committed to the third one for 2019, and you want to find a way to not only save money but make some extra cash, then you’re liking doing some Google searches for was to earn income in your spare time. And if you’ve done that, you’ve probably stumbled across the idea of taking paid surveys to make money online. Today we’re going to talk about how you can do exactly [...]

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Ways to Invest

The story is the same for everyone, you go to college, graduate, get a job, get married, start a family. These are the timeline of events that everyone strives for. One thing that comes along with this timeline is financial responsibility. Not only do you need to learn how to live as an adult and work for your money, you also have to learn what to do with that money you make. You need to make sure you are doing what you can to be responsible for your present and future. It is a key goal for a family to save and [...]

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Reviewing my Goals and Objectives for 2018

Every year since I started this blog I have created Goals and Objectives for myself, and since I write down those goals and objectives it is only appropriate to actually review and grade myself.  I find the process to be a little different than simply giving myself an easy to ignore new year's resolution.  I start with an overarching theme and then apply that theme to different aspects of my life.  Last year in my Goals and Objectives post, I wrote that, [In 2018] I want to focus on growth through systematic processes.  Specifically, I want to build strong foundations in some [...]

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Who are HENRYs?

I heard a term for the first time the other day, that I had never heard before and I found interesting.  Most people have heard the term, DINKs (dual income no kids), but I think HENRYs is a bit less popular. What Does HENRYs Stand For? When it comes to personal finance HENRYs is a an acronym that stands for: High Earners Not Rich Yet Apparently, and despite my unawareness of the term, the HENRYs acronym has been around for a while, The term HENRYs was coined in a 2003 Fortune Magazine article to refer to a segment of families earning between $250,000 [...]

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Net Worth Update December 2018

I first started tracking my net worth and then sharing my gains and loses way back in January 2013.  I absolutely regret not starting earlier, especially when this site was started a few years prior! I believe that every adult would benefit from seeing how their short term personal finance decisions are playing out over the course of a month, months or years, and the easiest way to do that is with a net worth statement. Thoughts before calculating: I usually have a feeling of how my net worth has performed for the prior month.  Usually it is based on market performance [...]

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