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Reviewing My Goals and Objectives for 2018

With about half the year gone, I figured it was a good time to check out my goals and objectives for 2018.  See if I am blowing any of them out of the water (unlikely) or if I am severely under-performing where I thought I'd be at this point (likely).  For the past few years I have orgnized my goals and objectives into the following categories, and as such it would only make sense to review them in the same categories: Professional Life Blogging World Online Income World Financial Goals Personal Life Mid-Year Review of my 2018 Goals and Objectives Professional Life [...]

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What Does the IRS Have to do With an EIN?

A Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) is a unique number the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assigns to most types of business entities for tax reporting and filing purposes. IRS-EIN-Tax-ID is an easy and secure way to apply for an EIN online through their secure website. An EIN is required in the following circumstances: You have employees You operate your business as a partnership or corporation You pay excise, alcohol, tobacco, employment, or firearms tax You have a Keogh plan You withhold taxes on revenue, besides pay, paid to a foreign alien You are involved with a trust, estate, IRA, real estate mortgage [...]

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Fidelity, You Can Do Better

It has been a while since I have been this frustrated with a faceless corporation, but wow, has fidelity completely pissed me off, and what's worse it doesn't even matter.  So in an non-original fashion, I'll just bitch about it on my site that doesn't get enough pageviews to matter. Background of my Frustration with Fidelity About 2 months ago, I received an email from my brother who asked if I would be interested in starting another investment club.  This one would be with a buddy of his, and would focus a little bit more on dividend paying stocks.  Since, I have really enjoyed the [...]

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The 5 Traits Of Highly Effective IT Consultants – What You Should Look For

If you’re thinking about hiring an IT consultant to help you modernize your IT department, work on a new project, or otherwise aid your in-house IT staff, it can be hard to understand what you should be looking for.   In this quick guide, we’ll go over five traits of highly-effective IT consultants. Read on, and find out what you should be looking for when searching for an IT consultant. Willing To Do The Groundwork This is especially important when looking for an IT consultant. You want a consultant who doesn’t just come in and start ordering others around. You want someone [...]

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Choosing the Right Floor for Your Basement Renovation

Basement renovations in Winnipeg can be more difficult than other home renovations due to the nature of what you start with. When it comes to basement flooring, a homeowner might be limited by what lays underneath, what the conditions of the basement are, and by the budget that they have and what they want to spend. If you are renovating your basement to add additional space, what you intend to do with that space might have a big bearing on what type of flooring you want to choose. To play it safe, you should consider all factors before making the final flooring [...]

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