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How A Brilliantly Designed Website Can Increase Sales

You might be sitting on the one product that’s going to change the way we live. Or eat. Or sleep. Or something else that’s big and game changing. So what do you do about it? Well you put together a website, of course, and let the world know your storefront is now open and ready for business. Hold on. It’s not quite that simple. You see, even though your product might be the most amazing thing ever, your website needs to be just as brilliantly designed too. For this is where commerce and marketing meet in the 21st century – online. And [...]

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What is a CFD Trade?

A contract for Difference (CFD) is a type of derivative trading that has become popular. Instead of owning the instrument of the trade, you are speculating on the price movement of a number of financial markets, such as shares, currencies, commodities, indices and bonds. There are many advantages to speculating on whether the price will rise or fall, instead of actually owning the underlying instrument and for this reason, CFD trading has become an attractive option for many people. How CFD Trading Works When CFD trading, you never trade in the underlying asset itself. Rather, you buy or sell a number of [...]

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Dealing with Cash Flow Issues – There are only 3 Places Your Money Can Go

I haven't discussed my job in a while, but while talking with a new financial planner the other day I was reminded of a lesson I learned a long time ago.  The conversation we were having had to do with the basic fact that most people do not have a clue what they spend.  They wake up sometime around January 2 or 3, and think, "this is the year that I am going to get control of my finances" and then they start to try to build a cash flow model (or a simple budget).   While the scary majority of people may not know [...]

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Alternative Options To Payday Loans

(Image Courtesy Of Pixabay) If you watch television or listen to the radio, you’ve heard of a payday loan. At the end of the day, these companies advertise as much as, if not more than, attorneys. With debt creeping closer to its 10 year high and many Americans living paycheck to paycheck, it can be hard to resist the allure of a payday loan. However, what seems like a harmless opportunity to get the money you need now can end up costing you far more later. The truth of the matter is that payday loans create a financial trap. When you get [...]

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Undervalued Dividend Growth Watch List May 2018

As I highlighted in my last post, I have taken a new approach to finding undervalued dividend stocks for the next few months.  I am going to rely on the Aquirer's Multiple technique to find undervalued US listed stocks and then I am going to cross reference those companies with those companies that have increased their dividend for over 20 years to come up with the watch list for this month (and the months going forward). What is the Aquirer's Multiple? The Aquirer's Multiple is a valuation method that attempts to find attractively priced companies that may be considered for take over.  [...]

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