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Net Worth April 2017 Update

Every month for the past 6 or 7 years I have shared how my net worth has changed month over month and year to date.  I honestly believe that calculating your net worth is a valuable exercise for any household.  Calculating your net worth provides a near immediate (30 day) feedback as to how your decisions have affected the bottom line. Thoughts prior to calculating net worth: I am almost positive that this month is going to be rough.  This likely to be the first time in 3 years that I have two negative months in a row! Between increased spending (The Wife [...]

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Options For Investing In Currencies

Investing in currency is a unique way to build wealth. It takes advantage of a very simple economic principle, the fact that every independent economy has its own monetary, fiscal, and economic policies that drive the value of their currencies, and that the relative strength of each economy. That relativity—the link between one economy’s good fortunes and another economy’s bad fortunes—is also key to modern economic thought. Skills Needed to Invest in Currney So investing in currency requires a variety of skills. First, you need to know how to maneuver through the foreign exchange market (forex). This involves some fairly sophisticated trading [...]

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Checking Back in with Marijuana Stocks

There always seems to be a 'shiny new object' for retail investors to obsess over.  Most recently, that shiny object has been crytpocurrencies, before that was investing in anything that was IOT, before that was 3D Printing, before that we had marijuana stocks and before that I think it was anything with FOREX in the name.  I am sure there were other investing fads, but that is all I could come up with in the past few years. I originally looked at publicly traded marijuana stocks in January of 2014 and came to a conclusion that I had absolutely no chance at [...]

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Screening for Undervalued Dividend Growth Stocks – March 2018

These screens have been happening deeper and deeper into the month, I think I'll have to change that going forward.  Notwithstanding my (self imposed) tardiness, I finally finished my screening process to provide me with a watch list of undervalued dividend growth stocks.  As a reminder, almost every single month for the past few years I created a screen to buy a lot or two (a lot being $500) of a company that has increased their dividend for at least 25 years (using the dividend champion and dividend contender lists).  The screening metrics will change every 6 months, since I am not convinced that [...]

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Reviewing the 2017 Berkshire Hathaway Chairman’s Letter

After I read The Snowball (for the first time) I was inspired to read all of Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway's annual letters.  Unlike other CEO's Buffett writes an annual letter in March of the following year.  What I have found is that it provides insight to his 'partners' of the many businesses that BRK owns, while sprinkling in some of his thoughts about other topics.  Granted, some parts of these letters are dry (especially if you don't know the story behind some of the businesses he refers to) but there is also so many ideas and tidbits straight from Warren Buffett's mind.  Where [...]

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