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Undervalued Dividend Portfolio Update For January 2018

To say it has been a crazy freaking month would be an understatement and we are only 11 days deep! As an additional way of funding this account, I sell puts and January was an amazing month (outlined below), but I quickly learned some important lessons about maintenance requirements.  As of the writing of this post (and hopefully it doesn't age well) this account, well every account, is down hard.  But let's not focus on the bad for now, let's talk about the moves made in January. My January 2018 Undervalued Dividend Growth Purchase After screening the dividend champion list for possibly undervalued [...]

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February 2018 Net Worth Update

With the first month done in 2018 it is time to update my net worth spreadsheet.  Writing this introduction prior to updating the spreadsheet, my gut is telling me that it is not going to be a good month for a few reasons.  The first is because The Wife's new business is now underway with payments going out, but few payments coming in (yet).  The second reason is that The Wife and I stepped up our travel game - going up to ski in Vermont with really good friends, booking Mexico for our family and Ireland just for us two for our [...]

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