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March 2018 Net Worth Update

I have been tracking and sharing my net worth changes month over month and year to date since way back in 2011.  I find that I honestly make different decisions knowing that I have to 'answer' to the unforgiving spreadsheet.  For example, I have prepaid debt faster knowing that I want to see that column on the spreadsheet go down, or I have worked on side hustles harder just to get cash cleared into the system.  It may not work for everyone, but I honestly believe that almost every adult would benefit from keeping a record of their net worth and updating [...]

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Thinking About Selling our Home

It feels like a lifetime ago that I first started updating this site with the painful process of selling my first home and the equally arduous process of finding a new home.   Since we have moved into this home The Wife and I have watched our baby boy turn into a real life kid at the age of 7.  Our daughter wasn't even conceived when we bought this home.  We have grown to absolutely love the community, and would not consider leaving the school district. So why are we even thinking about selling? The first reason we are selling is completely superficial.  [...]

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10 Ways to Make Your Presentation Stand out from the Crowd

Imagine that after finishing speaking, you hear loud applause. You see the audience smiling and longing to ask questions.  The day after everyone at university or work knows about the topic you have presented and knows you as an excellent speaker. This dream is possible to be true. All you need is to follow several simple yet useful pieces of advice to succeed a presentation.   Pay attention to the key points. When you prepare your presentation, think about the main question - what are the key points that the audience will remember? You should underline these points and pay your audience’s [...]

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February 2018 Dividend Growth Undervalued Watch List

For the past few years, I have shared the painstaking task of taking the dividend champion (25+ years of dividend growth) and part of the dividend contender list (20+ years of dividend growth) and screen against stated metrics to narrow down my watch list for the month.  I then buy a lot or two depending on the month; a lot being defined as $500. Thoughts Prior to Screen: With the recent volatility that occurred in February I am pretty excited to see what stocks, if any, got slammed as part of the larger market pull back that we have seen 19 days [...]

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Undervalued Dividend Portfolio Update For January 2018

To say it has been a crazy freaking month would be an understatement and we are only 11 days deep! As an additional way of funding this account, I sell puts and January was an amazing month (outlined below), but I quickly learned some important lessons about maintenance requirements.  As of the writing of this post (and hopefully it doesn't age well) this account, well every account, is down hard.  But let's not focus on the bad for now, let's talk about the moves made in January. My January 2018 Undervalued Dividend Growth Purchase After screening the dividend champion list for possibly undervalued [...]

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