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4 Trends That Will Shape the Marketing Industry in 2018

Doesn’t it feel like a new marketing trend emerges every day? The truth is that they’re changing almost at the same rate as technology and online user behavior evolves, and it’s your job as a marketer to keep pace with them. Staying on top of these shifts is paramount if you want to remain successful and relevant. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, VR, voice search – which of these tools can you use to your advantage in 2018? Almot every digital channel is bound to get a makeover this year, and you must be ready to embrace the change and adapt to it. The [...]

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Effective Strategies for Improving Your Credit Habits

If you ordered a free credit report recently and it reflects a financial history that is less than sterling, it is important to remember that it is never too late to improve your spending habits. Even if you find yourself carrying a substantial amount of debt, there are ways to pay off your loans and credit cards more efficiently. From opening new lines of credit wisely to communicating with your lenders when times get tough, committing to new and improved financial habits can boost your credit score, earning power, and ease the worry you may feel over your current debt. Be Conservative [...]

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Why are Some Financial Topics Off Limits?

I was on twitter today when I came across an interesting article about people actually bragging about their 401(k) balances  and it got me to thinking about those financial topics that are fair game to discuss publicly, and those that are still taboo except behind a moniker online. My experience may be a bit different than most since I work in a financial planning office, so I am surrounded by the market, investments, estate planning and the balance sheets of high net worth individuals daily (if not hourly). Financial Topics that Almost No One Wants to Talk About Absolutely no one wants [...]

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Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?

Dogs are truly man's best friend and are often treasured members of a family. However, with this gift of lifelong companionship, there also comes a lot of responsibility. Below we explore some questions you can ask yourself and your family before making the commitment to purchasing a pup. Are you Financial Ready? Dogs are a huge financial commitment. Not only are you purchasing the dog for a large sum of money, you also have to pay for its maintenance and every day living. To purchase a puppy you are looking at spending anywhere from $500- $2,000 typically. You have to purchase every [...]

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Advantages of Bitcoin

With the popularity and value of the Bitcoin on the rise, it is causing many individuals to want to learn more about it. What is it? Bitcoin is a virtual currency which came into existence in 2009. It is a decentralized, peer to peer cryptocurrency system which allows investors to process transactions through digital units. It does not use a third party regulator to process its transactions or back it. This is the third type of currency to exist besides standard currency and commodities. With the currency being relatively new and on the rise, there are some disadvantages but there are also [...]

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