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Why are Some Financial Topics Off Limits?

I was on twitter today when I came across an interesting article about people actually bragging about their 401(k) balances  and it got me to thinking about those financial topics that are fair game to discuss publicly, and those that are still taboo except behind a moniker online. My experience may be a bit different than most since I work in a financial planning office, so I am surrounded by the market, investments, estate planning and the balance sheets of high net worth individuals daily (if not hourly). Financial Topics that Almost No One Wants to Talk About Absolutely no one wants [...]

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My First Crypto Currency Purchase

It all started in mid-December of 2017 at the current height of the cryptocurrency market and bubble when I couldn’t avoid the news story, facebook updates and conversations.  I have subscriptions to multiple quant and value investing podcasts and it was even coming up on there! These were actual money managers and hedge fund guys not just a fraternity brother who made some money (had one of those too).  I couldn’t go 2 days without someone asking me about crytpocurrencies.  Bitcoin this, Litecoin that, Ethereum this, forks, hashrates, gpus mining equipment, ICOs oh so many ICOs! After my 22nd conversation (in December alone) and [...]

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January 2018 Undervalued Dividend Growth Watch List

For the past few years, I have shared the painstaking task of taking the dividend champion (25+ years of dividend growth) and part of the dividend contender list (20+ years of dividend growth) and screen against stated metrics to narrow down my watch list for the month.  I then buy a lot or two depending on the month; a lot being defined as $500.  I am rather excited to apply my new screening metrics (outlined again below) to see what I am buying this month.  It is my goal this year to apply some real record tracking to this account this and [...]

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Retooling my Undervalued Dividend Growth Screen Metrics

I made a decision late last year, that every 6 to 9 months I am going to look at different factors to determine whether a stock should be on my watch list for that month.  I didn't write a post about it, because there wouldn't be much to discuss without the actual plan.  I the reason I came up with this decision is pretty simply that I don't know what I don't know.  If I had a screening plan that I knew was the answer I would have a a fund versus a small little account. I have been sharing my screens [...]

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I Bought Physical Gold for the First Time

It only took 4 days but I succeeded in one of my 2018 goals and objectives (or at least I started to succeed since it was a year long goal) - I bought a tiny bit of physical gold.  Worry not, I am not turning into a gold-bug , I still believe over the long term that my stock investments will be a better return on investment.  Seems appropriate to start with why I never thought I'd ever buy gold, and then the eventual semi-turn around. Why I Never Thought I'd Buy Gold Gold as a purchase for a retailer investor never [...]

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