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I Received a Painful Reminder of the Importance of an Emergency Fund

I recently received an unwanted reminder how important an emergency fund is to financial well being.  If not for my emergency fund I would have been forced to take on either unwanted debt, and if that wasn't available then I am not exactly sure what I would have done.  If you don't have a dedicated, liquid, emergency fund - then please stop reading and figure out a way to fund one right now. My Recent Story of PayPal Purgatory In addition to this site, I own about 10 other websites with a business partner, who oddly enough I have only met once in [...]

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November 2017 Undervalued Dividend Growth Watch List

I can't believe I almost missed my November Screen and Purchase.  I am hoping to find a dividend champion I can buy before the end of the month. My Screening Metrics In an attempt to find undervalued, unloved companies I use certain metrics which are defined below.  First and foremost, the company must have increased their dividends for at least 20 years.  To gather this information I use the Dividend Champion list (as well as part of the Dividend Contenders list).  Both lists are updated monthly by David Fish.  In the past, I used the Dividend Aristocrat list, but one of the criteria for [...]

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Happy 36th Birthday to Myself!

It is pretty unbelievable that this is my 9th public blog acknowledgement of another year being alive on this spinning rock!  Going through some of those old posts it really is amazing how much my life has changed.  It isn't shocking that my life has changed in the course of 9 years, it is that I have the posts to look back at and try to reflect on my mindset when they were written. My 27th Birthday Post My 28th Birthday Post My 29th Birthday Post My 30th Birthday Post My 31st Birthday Post My 32nd Birthday Post My 33rd Birthday Post [...]

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October 2017 Dividend Growth Portfolio Update

My dividend portfolio is a tiny part of my overall financial picture, but it is easily my favorite piece.  My hope is to one day turn off the dividend reinvestment portion and have built a stable, reliable income stream.  A pension of sorts, but better, since the underlying foundation is built on a solid companies. My October Purchase Undervalued Dividend Growth Purchase After creating my October screen I was left with the following companies: AFL CTBI CSVI FMCB THFF IBM SBSI TGT UTX GWW WMT My portfolio as shown below is very heavily weighted with insurance and finance companies, so when I [...]

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Net Worth Update November 2017

While I love preparing my dividend watch list posts, updating my net worth is the absolute favorite post of the month for me to prepare and write.  Prior to writing this introduction I responded to the following comment from 'Jim', Enjoying the site. Personally, I don’t see the point of posting the “Net worth” statement each month if it only has % increases/decreases. Just not enough detail to be meaningful as a benchmark comparison. I’m currently struggling with the same question of whether or not to include detailed numbers on my own site. Since the site is mostly “anonymous”, what’s the worry? [...]

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