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What is a Buy-Sell Agreement and Why Should Business Owners Care?

I always find it fascinating how many business owners do not even consider a buy-sell agreement when operating their business.  What's worse, in my opinion, is how many professional advisors (whether that is a financial advisor, accountant or attorney) completely fail to bring up the subject of a buy-sell agreements to their business owner clients. What is a Buy-Sell Agreement? A buy-sell agreement is a written contract between two individuals (more often than not it is two business owners) that provide for a certain outcome as it relates to a business or businesses if a condition precedent happens.  The easiest example is [...]

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5 Strategies to Ensure Entrepreneurial Success

Starting your own business is fraught with both rewards and risks. Any successful entrepreneur can tell you that while starting the process is difficult, evolving as a business person and taking the right steps to grow takes effort as well. Luckily, through much trial and error of those before us, we can see that certain strategies can be implemented across the board to help ensure your success as an entrepreneur at any stage in the game. Conduct Market Testing Before launching your service or product, you can benefit greatly from carrying out market testing to see how people in your target audience [...]

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The Right Personality for Working From Home

One of the things you need to think about when you’re working from home is your personality type. The received wisdom is that extroverts suffer when they’re working from home because they’re away from the humming chatter of a busy office. The truth is, there is no ‘right personality’ for working from home. Anyone can be productive and useful, as long as they take account of their needs and make sure they’re met – exactly as they would do in an office. Working from home simply brings different challenges beyond just taking debt on from Credit Cube. Extroverts As alluded to above, [...]

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A Depressing Way to Inspire You to Save More

When you take a step back and think about how much money you or your family has earned in total versus your net worth may be a very depressing way to inspire some lifestyle changes.  I have said it before, but I believe that actually calculating and tracking net worth changes over some set time is an important exercise for anyone running their family's finances. I am not entirely convinced there was a point to creating the spreadsheets below since most people understand that it is all about what you save.  Nonetheless I was curious as to what these numbers would add up to. [...]

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October 2017 Watch List

With October underway it is time to search the dividend champion list to see if I can buy something this month! My Screening Metrics In an attempt to find undervalued, unloved companies I use certain metrics which are defined below.  First and foremost, the company must have increased their dividends for at least 20 years.  To gather this information I use the Dividend Champion list (as well as part of the Dividend Contenders list).  Both lists are updated monthly by David Fish.  In the past, I used the Dividend Aristocrat list, but one of the criteria for the Dividend Aristocrat is that it is [...]

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