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Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance

Every car owner is required to have car insurance. It isn’t an option so for most people it is important to find the right policy that is meeting their needs when it comes to coverage but also works for their budget. There are many pros and cons to consider but the main thing people look at are the deductible and premium amounts.  It is very important to make sure you have the right deductible in your car insurance policy so you know you are covered in the event of an accident, but it is also important you can afford it. Below are [...]

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Where I Think Robo-Advisors Are Going to Fail Their Clients and Customers

My main career for the past 10 years or so is back office support for a financial planning firm.  Couple those 40 to 50 hours a week with running a personal finance blog for 8 years or so and I like to think I am usually aware of movements within the industry broadly referred to as financial planning.  Within those dual roles it has been pretty amazing to watch the hockey-stick growth and popularity of Robo-advisors.  Personally, I think it is fantastic how much they, as a whole, have changed the industry for the better in a shockingly short period of time. [...]

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Healthy Financial Habits You Should Adopt

Don’t spend more than you make. It’s obvious, isn’t? On paper, it certainly makes sense. Out in the field, when you’re exposed to all of life’s great temptations — can you say Amazon Prime Day? — it’s a lot harder to put into practice. In some cases, it’s the little things that trip us up, like bank fees and impulse purchases. In others, it’s bad habits that prevent us from living our best frugal life. Though it may not be considered a vice, your bad habit of spending money adds up. If you’re tired of seeing your money disappear, consider adopting these [...]

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Getting Back into Dividend Growth Value Investing!

It has been a few months since I stopped screening for, and purchasing monthly lots of undervalued dividend growth stocks.  Well I am jumping back in next month and I am extremely excited to get this part of my financial world started up again. Why I Stopped Dividend Growth Value Investing? Last year, I started to sell naked puts to generate revenue.  The idea was simple enough, I would sell puts on companies that I would not mind owning.  If the put did not get assigned to me, I would keep the cash and if the  put was likely to (or did [...]

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How Can I Look Up a Tax ID for a Business?

A tax ID number is an EIN number provided by the IRS in order to establish a filing system for businesses. An IRS EIN number can assist with a number of business needs including hiring employees as well as filing taxes for the business as well as bank account needs. With an LLC tax ID number, a business is legitimized and begin the basic hiring processes as well as opening up bank accounts for the business, etc. If you have inherited or acquired a new business, then you will need the EIN information in order to take over ownership. So how do [...]

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