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and Just Like That the Specific Rental Property is Dead

My last post was about a possible rental property I was very excited about possibly purchasing.  It was on the east end of Long Island, and could be used in the future as a possible vacation spot for those people involved in the deal.  However, as the title of the post indicates, the deal is all but dead.  I am pretty annoyed about it, but it is what it is. Regardless of how I ran the numbers I just couldn't get it to work if I was using debt (i.e. a mortgage) or if I was using the rental company which took [...]

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How To Take Care Of Your Finances If You Become Disabled

Unless someone has a well-established career, taking care of their finances is difficult in today’s economy simply because the cost of living is usually higher than the cost of labor. This means that it’s difficult to avoid a lower standard of living. Many jobs at or near minimum wage simply don’t pay enough to cover basic living expenses. Still, it can be even more difficult to balance finances if a person has a disability that limits how many hours they can work a week. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, "Individuals with disabilities were less likely to be employed than [...]

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Taking a Second Look at a Rental Property

I honestly thought I would have owned a second (or even a third) rental property by now, but it just hasn't happened.  I looked at a property with a buddy way back in 2014, but if I remember correctly it ended up being way too big of a project for my firt investment property, and I didn't even go for a second look.  Again, my memory may be a bit off but I think the buddy I took a look at it with, did go back a few times but he couldn't come to terms with the price.  As I write this post, I am [...]

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My Investment Club Update

It has been a few years since I started an investment club with a few friends, but I haven't shared an investment club update in over a year, so I figured why not share what we have been up to, and as important (to me), how we have been doing. Starting my Investment Club I kicked around the idea of starting an investment club for years; one of the cool things about having a regularly updated personal finance blog is that I can actually track ideas with dates.  It looks like the first inkling of an idea for an investment club occurred [...]

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July 2017 Net Worth Update

For the past few years, I have calculated my net worth at the beginning of each month and then share how much it moved.  I realize it is a purely selfish exercise being that, even if you were a personal finance voyeur I don't share actual numbers so the peeking in would be less than satisfying.  Prior to actually calculating the numbers, I try to give a guess of how I did for the previous month.  I am pretty sure that my net worth increased a good amount this month to no fault of my own.  There are 2 reasons I believe [...]

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