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For Most Personal Finance Decisions The Basics are What Actually Matter

I have owned and operated this tiny slice of the internet for the better part of the decade; I do it, because, I enjoy it.  During this time it I am not sure why, but I am always shocked when a personal finance topic becomes 'hot' again.  It seems to happen when a number of larger personal finance bloggers start writing about a topic, then the smaller ones chime in with their opinion...and eventually you see a mainstream article on the topic.  Most of these popular questions/issues are perfect examples of missing the forest through the trees. These are just a few [...]

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Most People Should NOT Use a Do It Yourself Will Preparation Services

In addition to my day job and running a few websites, I also own and run a small legal practice where 99% of my matters have to do with estate planning and administration.  Every client is a referral which inherently builds a nice network of traceable people I have helped discover and implement their testamentary intent. I was sitting with one of these referrals the other day when she asked me a pretty direct question regarding my thoughts on using Do It Yourself Will Preparation Services.  I was taken back by the question as we had already been sitting for the better [...]

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Some Random Investment Thoughts About Moves I Didn’t Make

Recently, I have had some random thoughts about investments I didn't make, and they are really bothering me.  I am not the type to dwell on should haves, could haves or would haves, but for some reason these three investments have been on my mind and I can't shake my annoyance with myself. Not Investing in Undervalued Dividend Stocks in 2017 Earlier this year I had to take a break from my monthly investment in undervalued dividend growth stocks.  I went into more detail in a previous post, but the long and short of it is that I had a few option [...]

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Rebalancing my 401(k)

I last reviewed, rebalanced and reallocated my 401(k) in February of 2017; before that, it was years ago! Back in February, I started from scratch, and I think that is probably a good idea annually, however, for what is to be my mid-year review I am going to shorten the process. I am not going to take a look at risk tolerance since the odds of it changing in 6 months are low.  In fact, it probably would be worse to redo the test, because I don't think I could be completely impartial with regard to where I think we are in [...]

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June 2017 Net Worth Update

My Gut Reaction to Net Worth Before Calculating Every month I have a feeling of how I did the previous month.  Some times I am way off and sometimes I am right on point.  I do not think this month is going to be a great month, in fact, I believe it is going to be one of my rare negative months.  I haven't had a negative month since November of 2016.  My lack of negative months have zero to do with my personal finance "prowess", but rather we are in the middle (or end) of a massive bull market and I [...]

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