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The Evolution of Poker

Poker has been on an incredible journey since it first appeared in the 1800s. The game has come full circle, from a simple card game enjoyed by working people on America's frontier into the high-stakes gambling houses of Europe and Las Vegas and straight back into the mainstream. It now appeals to people from all walks of life, with celebrities often mixing with amateur poker players in tournaments across the globe. Despite its age, it has never lost its appeal, even after going through many iterations and changes. The first game of poker was allegedly played in New Orleans in 1829, before [...]

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For Most Personal Finance Decisions The Basics are What Actually Matter

I have owned and operated this tiny slice of the internet for the better part of the decade; I do it, because, I enjoy it.  During this time it I am not sure why, but I am always shocked when a personal finance topic becomes 'hot' again.  It seems to happen when a number of larger personal finance bloggers start writing about a topic, then the smaller ones chime in with their opinion...and eventually you see a mainstream article on the topic.  Most of these popular questions/issues are perfect examples of missing the forest through the trees. These are just a few [...]

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4 Small Business Tools You Should Take Advantage Of

Building a new small business from the ground floor up can make for a hectic day-to-day. Without the right tools, running a small business can go make you go from feeling high on life to…well, to feeling quite low. Running a small business is stressful. According to a survey reported on by HuffPost, “Running a small business is more stressful than anything else in a small business owner’s life—including raising children.” Of the SMB owners polled for the survey, 59 percent reported that they forgo free time and exercise in an effort to do more work for the business. If your business [...]

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Slaying 3 Persistent Myths of Filing for Bankruptcy

The good people at Merriam-Webster define the word myth in two starkly different ways. The first is that a myth is a traditional story that serves to illuminate a world view, or explain a practice, belief or natural phenomenon. This version is quite pleasant, and reminds us of folklore, mythology, fables, epic tales of good vs. evil, and so on. But the second version is markedly less inspiring. That’s because a myth is also defined as an unfounded or false notion. And unfortunately, that’s the version that applies for many people when they try and make sense of the complex and thorny [...]

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Most People Should NOT Use a Do It Yourself Will Preparation Services

In addition to my day job and running a few websites, I also own and run a small legal practice where 99% of my matters have to do with estate planning and administration.  Every client is a referral which inherently builds a nice network of traceable people I have helped discover and implement their testamentary intent. I was sitting with one of these referrals the other day when she asked me a pretty direct question regarding my thoughts on using Do It Yourself Will Preparation Services.  I was taken back by the question as we had already been sitting for the better [...]

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