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Some Amazing Statistics from JP Morgan Market Insights

I was sitting through a presentation the other week and the speaker kept showing graphs/charts from J.P. Morgan's Guide to the Market for the 2nd Quarter 2017.  I couldn't believe some of the information he was sharing, I knew immediately that I had to take a look at the full report. Charts and Graphs from J.P. Morgan's Guide to the Market There is a lot more information than the selected charts below, however, these are the most interesting to me.   I was going to try and group them together to make a cohesive story line, but that would be a tremendous amount [...]

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Steps on How to Port a Mortgage

Porting a mortgage is an option available to you when you are moving home. You can either apply for a new mortgage, or take your existing mortgage with you. The process of porting a mortgage differs from person-to-person, and it may not be the best decision for everyone. In theory at least, anyone can port their mortgage. In other words, you can transfer your existing mortgage to your new real estate. Sometimes, lenders make it difficult or impossible, to port your mortgage. You may ultimately start borrowing at uncompetitive rates if you decide to go down this route. A big part of [...]

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How Much Does it Take to Destroy the Status Quo?

Been watching a great show recently called Genius which is about Albert Einstein's life starting from what seems like his teenage years up until his attempt to get to the United States before/during the rise of the Nazi Party.  The story is told in a nonlinear fashion so I am getting pieces all over a 30 year span.  I am sure the show is only going to get better and more detailed.  I am sure it is dramatized but there is one theme that keeps coming up over and over, how Einstein broke the status quo.  Einstein is in class getting shot [...]

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How Did Madoff Claim He Was Investing People’s Money?

Not unlike a large amount of people in this country I find the Madoff scandal fascinating, so when I saw HBO was doing a movie with Robert DeNiro I was pretty excited.  I find the story so intriguing for a few reasons, but the main two are that I know a few people personally affected, and to a much larger extent, it builds into my obsession with wonder just how many people are completely faking and full of shit.  While watching, Wizard of Lies,  with The Wife I started to wonder what the hell was Madoff's claimed strategy? I am completely familiar [...]

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10 Year Anniversary at Work

Sometime this month I hit my 10 year anniversary at work! It is amazing to think about where I was when I started the job versus my current life.  It truly feels like a lifetime ago when I started the position.  When I first started in my current role I was in contract to buy a home, wasn't married and had no kids. 10 years later my life looks nothing like the Evan that originally took the position. Why I Took the Position in the First Place I remember it was like yesterday.  Coming out of law school I was having trouble finding [...]

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