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Mobile Businesses

With technology being the focus of most businesses these days, the idea of a mobile office and even a mobile business is becoming more and more popular. A mobile office is the idea that all functions done in the office are now able to be done remotely or on the go. A mobile business is an entire business that is on the go, a business without a brick and mortar location. Both of these ideas are made possible because of advancements in technology such as wifi, bluetooth, smart phones and the internet. Examples of Mobile Businesses There are many industries that are [...]

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How Does the LA Economy Compare to the Rest of the Nation?

The city of Los Angeles has come a long way since its quiet start nearly 150 years ago. What started as a small farming community with deep cultural and religious underpinnings grew into a bustling urban center, now well-known for its elite residents and big, cutting edge business environment. The city’s economy has grown exponentially over the years, thanks in part to a population of more than 10 million people churning out gross domestic product of nearly $700 billion. The companies that call LA home span widely in industry and size, but there is a notable wind of creativity, innovation, and diversity [...]

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Investing in Energy 101: How to Start Strong and Go Long

Investing in the stock market has historically been one of the easiest and most effective ways to build wealth. You don't need a large sum of money to get started and it's possible to build a healthy portfolio of profitable stocks relatively quickly. When you buy stocks, you're actually buying a share of ownership in a company that has been publicly listed on the stock exchange. The objective is to invest in stocks that will make you money over the long term. Ways to Invest in Stocks If you're like most people, your idea of investing in stocks might be to buy [...]

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Calculating Micro Prepayments on my Mortgage

For the past few years, I have rounded up my mortgage payment to the nearest $100.  It isn't a ton of money, and to be honest I don't even give it much thought.  Normally I just throw away the statement without even opening it, and then last week for whatever reason I actually opened it.  I saw the remaining balance and I began to actually think about those few extra dollars.  Not because it is a lot, but rather, on a level of curiosity.  Am I really saving that much interest? Did it really change my amortization table?  Should I continue to [...]

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Selling my First Strangle

In effort to learn different income producing options strategy I have been reviewing various strategies and deciding whether they are appropriate for me to actually trade.  Lat week I reviewed the very popular Strangle Option Strategy and prematurely stated, it isn't something that I would be interested in selling any time soon.  It took another blogger, JC from Passive Income Pursuit, to force me to look at the strategy from a different angle.  His single comment gave rise to me selling strangles! How Does Selling a Strangle Option Work? While my post defining a strangle option went into much more detail, a [...]

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