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Options Strategy – Understanding the Straddle

There are a ton of different options trading strategies out there, and I am attempting to learn one at a time.   I am learning while I am writing.  If I can’t explain it with some sense of clarity then I don’t understand it myself and I either need to spend more time on the topic or I should stay away from the strategy. The last strategy I took a look at was the Bull Put Spread.  Since learning and writing about it I have actually sold two or three contracts in the first week after teaching myself the technique! I doubt [...]

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Net Worth Update March 2017

Every month for the past few years I have calculated and shared the changes in my net worth.  They aren't particularly popular posts, nor do I expect them to be as I don't share actual numbers.  Why do I do it then? Accountability.  Granted, I know it is a false sense of accountability because if I miss a month or two no one will care, but nonetheless it forces me to 'answer' to my spreadsheet.  What I did or didn't do in the previous month is going to appear there either in the form of good investment moves or too much spending. [...]

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