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My Dividend Growth Portfolio January Update

I have been dreading writing this post since I already know I screwed up in December.  I gave myself very specific rules when it comes to selling short puts and I think my head got a little too big after a ridiculous month in November when it comes to investment income. My December 2016 Investment Activity My Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Purchases December, like most months, I made my normal $500 purchase plus my option income for the previous month($506): On 12/6/2016 I bought 15 Shares of Aflac (AFL) at $68.75 ($1,038.32 purchase). This added to the 10 shares I already owned. [...]

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2017 Goals and Objectives

I can't believe I have the opportunity to write another one of these posts on this blog.  I have been writing these posts and their subsequent reviews for years.  Looking back at these posts is one of my favorite things about this blog; it allows me .  It allows me to look back a year later, review what I was thinking, and actually be honest with myself whether I met those goals and objectives.  This is not a resolution post.  A resolution post usually contain an end result rather than an actionable step to get there.  I find, for me, it is better [...]

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Net Worth Update January 2017

With another month underway, albeit a big month, it is time to see how my net worth has fared.  I have been publicly tracking my net worth since January 2011 when I "zeroed" out my net worth so I can share my gains or losses every month since.   It is odd to me that I am in the minority of people who actually keep track of their net worth.  At the very least it provides you with the opportunity to think about whether you have made good or poor choices with regard to your finances that month.  At the most, tracking your [...]

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